Thursday, February 26, 2009


That is what she has to say about GREENS! Our first feeding went well.. for the most part anyway. She had to start off with greens and slowly move to others so we can make sure she does not have allergies to any of them.

Above she is watching her brother and sister eating "big girl and boy peas" Since Bentley ate peas they insisted on them eating peas as well. Bryson actually loves peas, he often comes home from school wanting peas for a snack! ha! Brenna was going to be brave for her little sister and eat "big girl" peas.. it was so sweet of her because she does not like them, at all! She took two bites and had enough. It was so funny, they would SLOWLY take a bite and then SLOWLY chew their food. They really thought Bentley would just suddenly EAT. We had to then explain it's a slow process, it will take her a while to catch on.

She did good for a bit, then was not interested. She much rather be sucking her thumb.

BEAUTIFUL, with peas all over the face or not!

She was not having it anymore. We have moved on to "yellow veggies" now. She had sweet potatoes tonight and didn't seem to care about them much either. Being a mom of three we have gone through the baby food stage twice now.. Bryson and Brenna never really cared for baby food too much, they would eat a little but they wanted MILK MILK MILK! They were huge fatty's and were all about the milk. I know it takes a while for them to get the hang of things but with her brother and sister not being big fans I'm afraid she will be the same. Anyone have any tips? I really am trying to fatten this girl up before surgery..


  1. I mixed my sons baby food with rice cereal (our speech therapist said it was about the texture that turned him off from baby food). But make sure you check with your doctor before doing that.

  2. Once she moves to fruit it will be easier, because you can trick her.:) At least that is what I did with mine. My kids loved fruit (as most babies do) and so I would give them a couple of bites of fruit and then sneak in bites of veggies. Or I would put a little of both on the spoon and that seemed to work too.

  3. I had the same trouble with Alyssa. I know this is probably not going to help, considering that you want to start moving things along before her surgery, but the best thing I found to do was just wait. Alyssa did not take to food until she was like 10 1/2 months and then she went straight to table foods. Everytime I tried to give her baby food before that, she would literally spit it out in my face! Audrey has been a bit better, but I am still struggling to get her transitioned. Some days I don't ever think she's going to progress in the food dept, but I just have to remind myself that babies do things when they're ready. Maybe her Dr has some good suggestions? Sorry I'm no help today. I totally understand what your going through!!!

  4. Thank you all for your ideas. They are great!!!

    avbernat - I haven't thought about that, and it makes sense. I will have to check into this.

    Sassy - Another good idea! I think things will also change once we start fruits, so I will have to pull out the greens then. ha.

    Veronica - My other two were the same, they were more interested as they got older and even then prefered table food. Thanks girl!

  5.'s Tiffany!!!! I came across your blog somehow (still really not quite sure how I found you) but very thankful i did! I had NO idea about Bently, I will def. pray for her; God is so amazing and he will be with her and the surgeons every step of the way!

    Love ya,

  6. Just wanted to tell you that yes, your package was one of the ones that got sent out today. Hope you like 'em!!!

  7. The only tip I have is the one my mom gave me: start them early, at four months. I know, that doesn't help. Have you considered giving her some fruit, like apple sauce? That's whay I did with Charlie. After I made sure she's not allergic or anything I'd mix apple sauce with sweet potato (and increase the vegetable mix each time). Yellow vegetables work best with this methods. After she builds an appetite with solids you could throw in the green veggies mixed with the yellow veggies (no fruit...because that's just gross). You could also give her rice cereal mixed with a fruit.

    Oh, she looks so cute in all that pink. Definitely your girly girl.


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