Wednesday, February 10, 2010


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My hunky husband and I have been together for over 10 years now. We are high school sweethearts and still going strong!! Together we have 3 pretty amazing kids. God sure has blessed us!!! I am so thankful to be a stay at home mom. Our 3 active kids keep us on the go... I blog about being a parent and the fun, crazy, silly, exciting, times and experiences we have with our kids. We are Texans, and I'm sure you can tell by the way I talk. I have a southern accent and I'm sure my words and grammar shows it well!!! My husband is from Kansas and moved here just a few short years before we started dating in High School. I also blog about our heart journey. Our youngest, Bentley, was born with a heart condition and underwent open heart surgery last May when she was just 9 months old. I started my blog to keep family updated and we found a huge support system within our blog from moms all over (we are very grateful for that). I have met some amazing people through my blog and we have formed great friendships. My blog also is a small support system for other families with CHD. Many of my readers come from google searching information about CHD, etc. Here they are able to read my experience with CHD as well as many other heart families experiences. My blog connects many heart families with each other and I am happy to be able to be there for other heart families. See, I searched endlessly when we found out about Bentley's heart.. only it was hard to find "real" stories vs factual information from hospitals. I wanted real stories. Even if just 1 heart parent found my blog to be helpful there is a smile on my face.

Bryson is my one and only son. He is my first born and he has been blessed with amazing talent in sports. He is extremely athletic and loves all sports. He keeps us very busy. He also has a huge heart and loves to help others. He has maintained A honor roll in school. Not just A's but pretty high A's, go Bryson!!! He is such a great kid.

He loves ALL sports, and he has not yet picked out a favorite.

He loves people watching him play sports, he loves when I turn his regular game pictures into graphics like this... he wants to go pro when he is an adult. Oh how he makes me smile. Although I want to keep him realistic (when he's older) I more than anything want him to know mom believes in him and stands behind him 100% in anything he wants to do. So when he tells me he wants to go pro when he is an adult, I smile and tell him... you can do it!!! It's just a dream of his... but with that boys talent... it's possible.

Brenna is my WILD child. God love her. She is beautiful inside and out. She's too much fun. She has followed her brothers footsteps into sports but I think she is more interested in the social part of sports than playing. It's so darn cute. She has much more fun on the bench chatting it up with her girlfriends than playing. Oh but she likes playing too, don't get me wrong... she just likes to do both at the same time. I cannot tell you how many times she makes me laugh a day. She says the craziest thing... FUN FUN FUN is a great word to describe her. She is extremely dramatic in everything she does. She loves singing and dancing. She is so sassy!!! Love her to pieces!!!

She is such a sweet girl and adores her baby sister. And she his one of her brothers biggest fans!!!

Usually when I take her picture she is posed in one way or another. Not because shes told just because she wants to. It's very cute!!!

Bentley is the baby in the family. A miracle baby at that. She is my heart baby and underwent her life saving surgery last May. She is such a trooper, and has taken everything like a champ. I could not be more proud of her. And praise GOD she has been very blessed. She has been more fortunate than most heart babies that have similar or same conditions as her. She has always amazed the doctors never showing a symptom. But she did still have to go through with the surgery because the fact remained that the defect was there. She is doing just amazing. You would never be able to tell she has a heart condition or went through surgery unless you see her scar. She's stronger than I will ever be. She is following her sisters footsteps. She is so sassy and dramatic. She loves dancing and it's the cutest thing ever. She sings, eventhough you don't always know what she's saying... she does sing "wow wow wow" often. Not sure of that song, but it seems to be her favorite at the moment. Recently she has been saying "whoooha" a lot. It's the cutest thing... she says it in the car when we hit a bump... she says it when we pick her up, she says it when she falls on her bottom, she says it when she bumps into a table. She says it at all the perfect times. It's really hard to explain. I am going to do my best to catch a short clip of it to share with you.

She was younger in both of these, but I love these pictures. She is all smiles, all the time. (well, almost.)

I just wanted to share a little with you about who we are... there is a lot more to this family than CHD. It definitely does not hold us back!!!

Just a note about my comments section... I really enjoying developing great friendships with you, I reply to most of the comments. I'm not sure if it emails you when I reply or not. So be sure to subscribe to the comments when leaving one so if I reply to yours, you can come back to see what I said. If you have commented in the past, chances are I have already replied. Such a great area for conversation!!

Happy Blogging!!!

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