Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So we have our first soccer practice of the season tonight (Bryson). Things are about to get CRAZY in this household! A couple days later Brenna's soccer practices will begin. And then a few days later Bryson's baseball practices will begin, and Brenna's T-Ball practices will begin. We officially have practice every evening of the week starting NOW! I have a hard time with time management now, much less in the peak of sports seasons. And did I mention Bentley's surgery will be towards the end of all this craziness? I just can't keep Bryson and Brenna from doing what they love, I just can't make them sit at home because of Bentley's heart. She is well and she loves going to these practices and watching all the kids. They are not allowed to touch or get close to her, but she does go and loves every minute of it. And when I asked her cardiologist about these type of things, his exact words "Don't let this stop your lives, get her out there and show that beautiful baby off. She will be fine!" We just don't let anyone touch her and take hand sanitizer everywhere we go, we have OCD when it comes to germs now. It does help that my husband and my dad are the coaches. we have our own baseball field at my parents so we plan everything out so the timing with all sports work together. Miss Bentley gets tired we will just jump in the car and take a very short ride up to my parent's house and she can nap, snack, or whatever she wants. She's rotten, she has no schedule, it's whatever she wants when she wants it. We have always been told to not let her cry or get upset because it could bring on a "blue spell", we'll Miss Bentley has learned this, and knows just what to do to get her way. All I can do is look at her and smile during these moments. She is one smart girl! Many many more pictures will be coming during these wonderful sports seasons.

Also, I registered Brenna for school last week. OH NO! What am I going to do with myself, my baby girl is starting school. I remember I was so upset when Bryson started, I think I was more upset than him (he's a mama's boy, well he was then) and I just cried the whole way home. Brenna would walk around the house not knowing what to do.. and ask for Bryson every five minutes. She would lay on the couch and not do anything for a couple of days. She was really depressed that her big brother was not here playing with her. But she would be happier than ever when we picked him up every day. Kids are so sweet! Brenna is going to love it and she is so ready. Not sure if I am, I have stayed home with her since day one. I am sure I will have me a crying fit on the way home again, ha.

PS.. I promise details on yesterday's Doctor visit will be posted soon. I WILL have it up today.

PSS.. I am looking for a cute shopping cart cover (and high chair cover). If you know anyone that makes these please let me know.

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  1. It's hard to let 'em grow. Alyssa is already ready for preschool. She asks me every single day if today's the day she can go to school. She even walks around the house with her backpack on. It's too funny. I don't know if I'll be ready when that day arrives either!!!


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