Thursday, March 12, 2009


... or week! So the weather has been a little icky around here and expected to be all weekend. It really is nice, we need all the rain we are getting and that also means NO PRACTICES! Yes, no practices all week, ahh a very much needed break! But, it is Spring Break so we are left with not much to do. We have been watching movies the past few days and looking for more! I need a little help from you.. what are you favorite movies?

We love movies that we can watch as a family, we also like to watch a movie once the kids are in bed. So let me know any and all of your favs!

A friend of mine, Angie.. posted about a movie called "FIREPROOF" a few weeks back. She had so many positive things to say about it. So I have been trying to rent this movie all week, but it hasn't been available!

So let me know, what are your favorites? What are you kids favorites?


  1. Oh I LOVEEEED that movie, the acting in it isn't that wonderful, but the message behind it all is WONDERFUL, you will have to tell me what you think when you do get to see it! My all time favs are "How to Lose a Guy in 10 days" "Sweet Home Alabama" and "The Notebook"...I love chick flicks haha :)

  2. Awe! I love movie night. The boys and I have one every weekend. My boys are still young (1,4, and 8) but they love watching Kung Fu Panda and I'm just starting to introduce them to all time classics like Mary Poppins and Annie. Personally, I'm a chick flick gal. So I love the Notebook (when I need a good cry with no explanation), The Sweetest Thing (to remind me the power of friendships), the last movie night I had with the hubster was Pride and Glory (he fell asleep, but I found it interesting GO FIGURE! LOL) Hope you guys have a great Spring Break!

  3. we ♥ this movie. The acting is so so, but it has a really good message

  4. Fireproof is a good favorite movies are for sure sixteen candels, pretty woman, peggy sue got married, juno, steel magnolias. As you can see I love all old movies the best!

    Your blog is cute and we share the same great name! I too have been married for 7 years. However I only have two babies 3 and 2. I see that you are believing God for a miracle in your babies life. I will be in agreement for that!


  5. My lil nephew loves toy story, cars, and wall-e... I have heard gret things about fireproof and walle... have soo much fun! i remember movie night when I was a kid!!

  6. My husband and I saw Fireproof in the theater with some friends. It was a pivotal point in our marriage and could not have been more pertinent. Maybe that is why we liked it so much. I think everyone in America should see it! Yes... so we have to look past the acting but it is still a great movie!

    My all time favorite is STILL The Devil Wears Prada. I will forever be in love with that movie! I don't know why!

    My kids are too young to love anything beside Spongebob and Wall E.... lol.

  7. I finally made it over to read about Bentley. You've been sitting in my favorites... I'm so glad I made it!! Bentley is ADORABLE!!

    It's so scary to get news that your little one has a heart condition... seriously stinks. I'm glad Bentley is doing so well! I'm also glad you followed your instincts and found a surgeon and hospital you are 100% comfortable with. Please do share??!

    I'm looking for a secondary transplant hospital and I am torn between Seattle and Houston. I'm thinking since I read Texas earlier, you're going with Texas Children's (is that Houston?)

    Anyway... you can comment back or email me I'll take any/all advice right now.

    Nothing feels worse than knowing your child is going in for open heart surgery soon. We've done this open heart thing a few times and I'm petrified to have him opened again and a new heart put in. I remember how aweful the unknown was the first time around. We're praying for you, Ryan and Bentley!!!! (and the other kids because it impacts them too)

    I've added Bentley to my heart friend list!

  8. Thanks for the comment.. can't wait to see the info.

    Owen won't qualify for any other surgeries... his heart is kaput. He only has the right ventricle and it's barely beating. At anytime, they could admit him to ICU permanently and start him on IV milrinone to keep his heart beating. We are just waiting for his new heart to come. Could be days, could be months, could be years (HA... better not be).

    Our primary transplant center is UCLA and our insurance will pay for a secondary center. That's what I"m trying to choose.

    Love the zebra background! :)

  9. Oooh, I've heard of that movie, it's meant to be good! I like any film that's fun and moving, really.


  10. I know. With those videos, I feel like all my muscles are about to just fall off lol. But I feel great and feel like they really work, at least I know I am not the only one trying to do these darn videos :)

  11. (found your blog through MckMama's)

    I didn't care for Fireproof - the story really rubbed me wrong, and the acting wasn't the greatest.

    I would recommend Mr Magorium's Wonder Emporium, Mary Poppins (if you want a really long one, haha), and Night at the Museum.

  12. Faith Like Potatoes - You have to watch it. It is a true story of a white African farmer during the time period that the Zulu tribes were trying to kill off the white farmers. God got ahold of his life and transformed it in unbelievable ways. A picture of faith that I cannot describe!


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