Friday, March 6, 2009


Here are a few pictures from practices this past week. I hardly got any of them actually practicing because Bentley is with me and it's too hard to run all over the field with her. My husband and dad built their own baseball field on my parents land. So it makes it really nice and easy for all of us. My mom did watch Bentley at one of the practices since it was a cold evening, but all the others have been sunny and warm..

Here is Brenna during her water break! She loves to run around, get dirty, and beat up on the boys but at the same time she is VERY girly!

Here is my Bryson man! He has moved up to the next age group this year.. kid pitch. Last year was coach pitch. So it's a big difference. He has discovered pitching and LOVES it. He is very good too. I know he is my boy, but he really is great! ;)

He is so tiny, he is the smallest and youngest on the team but he does not have a problem keeping up. He fits in perfectly. Bryson has a heart for sports that for sure..

My mom and Bentley at one practice. Bentley absolutely LOVES being outside. It is pretty nice right now, it has been in the low 80's with a nice breeze. I just love it! But before long, we will be hitting the 100's I'm sure. Summer comes a little too fast in Texas. And it can be miserable-ly hot at times. But for now, I am enjoying this wonderful "flip flop" weather!

We have had a CRAZY weekend. On Sat. we had 2 practices and 2 games so we were gone all day.. good thing Bentley loves it outside so much otherwise we would be in trouble. But she is so amazing and loves every minute of it. I will post more pics from this weekend later.


  1. Your too oldest are getting so big, they are so cute...soon you will have a 3rd little one running around on the field as well, I think all your kidos were born to play sports :)

  2. ahhh:) Looks like soo much fun! Such a cute lil practicer:) And what a cute lil audience!! Love when the weather is nice outside in march:) Makes me restless for spring!


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