Saturday, March 21, 2009


WARNING: This post contains lots of pictures!!

So we had 3 soccer games yesterday. It's really hard to take good photos with my camera because the kids are moving so fast but here are some of my favorites!

Love this one! Bryson looks so old here, I can't believe his birthday is less than a month away..

He gives 150% always in everything he does, EVERYTHING!

Playing some football with daddy. I just love his facial expressions.

My baby boy growing so fast!

My Brenna baby. What can I say... she is beautiful inside and out.

I just love this little girl in this big soccer uniform.

Brenna and her cousin Skyler racing for the ball.

Brenna and Bentley.. I just love Brenna's expressions here so I had to post two.

She loves her little sister SOOOO much. It's so darn cute. Brenna is always saying..

"Bentley, it's me.. your sister.. your BIGGEST fan!"

I have no idea where she got that from.. but it's the cutest thing ever.

Silly girl. She just loves being outside. I am not kidding. I often take her outside when she gets fussy and she instantly smiles.


And here is my dad in between the soccer games. He is not a picture person so thankfully I was far enough away, he never even knew I snapped this picture!

We left the house at 8am and returned at 5pm.. 3 soccer games later. The weather was perfect yesterday.. warm with a nice breeze.. can't get any better than that! Then we enjoyed the rest of the beautiful evenning outside. Ryan and I just sat and watched the kids. Bryson and Brenna spent most of their time riding bikes while Bentley spent some outside time in her saucer beside us, also watching Bryson and Brenna on their bikes. She loved it. Oh how the Welsh family loves some nature. It was so nice, peaceful, relaxing, and so much more.. just one of those moments when you think WOW, we are so blessed! We then had family movie night. What an amazing day!

And YES! Giveaway details TOMORROW!


  1. Loved the pictures, your kidos are adorable!!

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh, I think you just relaxed me! LOL!

    Your children are adorable and so athletic!!!! And I agree with you, whether here in So-Cal was pretty perfect yesterday too!

    Here's to a perfect week... even with the rain we expect here! :D


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