Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Bentley has a tooth!!! Finally, after months of teething, it finally decided to show. I would add a picture, but there is still not much to see. I can't believe it.. it is so sad.. she is growing so fast, my baby girl has a tooth and I know there is another coming soon.

We just added this to Bentley's wall, above her bed. I just love it.. it says it all! The color in the photo is a little off, but her bedding is leopard print.. black, and tan. Her walls are tan. I will try for a better picture next time but this will have to do for now.

I still have pictures from baseball and t-ball to add. These will come soon. Bryson pitched his first game EVER and he did amazing. Brenna played her first t-ball game and it was hilarious. I will tell you all about it when i have the pictures ready. We have another weekend coming full of baseball, t-ball, and soccer. Gotta love it! Oh and I do!


  1. I love that!!!! No more words are needed :)

    yay for Bentley..that first one is always hard to get out. I remember when Allie got hers I was so upset because I knew they would be popping out one after the other from then on. She's 10 1/2 months now and already has six :(

  2. I love that above the bed!!!!! Zach went to the mall one time to get me something from Kirklands, well they had some like that, and one said "Angel's danced the day you were born" he got it for me and told me that we will be able to put this in there one day. I just love those things, I think they are so neat!!!!! Her bedding is precious too!!!!

    AND WOW--hard to believe she already has her 1st tooth!!!! How exciting :) :)

    Hope you have a good day sweetie, Love ya!

  3. LOVE IT!!! It fits her perfectly!

  4. Oh I love that! Where did you get it.. darling.. and her bedding is soo stinking adorable.. and I love the I LOVE faces picture of her.. could Bentley be any cuter?? Nope.... Cant wait to see more pictures:) Hope you had a fabolous Easter my friend:)

  5. Oh my goodness... FIRST TOOTH!!! I cried when Matthew when he got his first tooth in, it was like the milestone that I dreaded going through because that meant he was ready for more solid foods... which means he'll be leaving for college soon j/k. I love the wording above the crib, SO PERFECT!!!! I'm so jealous, now it makes me want to try for a daughter... hee hee!


  6. I love that bedding and the wall saying is so meaningful!!

  7. Wonderful room, all girls our princess and all the better to grow up knowing she is a real princess to our Heavenly King.

    I remember the first teeth of all of my little ones, it'll be a blink of an eye and she'll be wiggling it saying it is loose.


  8. Teething....uggh!!

    Baseball is soooo fun, isn't it?? Other than just hanging out with my boys, this is next favorite!!


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