Thursday, April 2, 2009


Here are some pictures from last week. Ryan's Grandma came to visit us here in Texas all the way from Kansas. His aunt Debbie and uncle Larry also came. Glad we got to visit them, we usually only see them once a year.. they are so fun! We didn't get too many pictures but here are some fun ones I wanted to share..

My baby girl Bentley and her paci of course. She loves it. Bryson and Brenna never cared for one but all that Bentley is going through, I am totally okay with her being attached to a paci.

Bryson and Brenna walking around and through the creek. They are not allowed to get in it, it can be a very big mess.

Being so good.. they always listen to mommy and daddy..

Still being good.. and so pretty at the same time..

They just love finding a path of rocks to walk over since they are not allowed to get in the creek. Still being good of course..

They love each other so much.. and yes! Still being good..

Okay, so it didn't last long. They decided they would rather not listen to me that day..

They played for so long.. since we live in Texas we do not know what snow is.. so they thought they would act like they were having a snow fight.

More playing and playing and playing..

And this is what we ended with. Actually it was a lot worse in person. They look clean here compared to what they really were. We had mud in ears, hair, mouth, and everywhere else.

So we got the water hose to clean off a bit, and of course that was fun.. but didn't last long because Bryson was in control of the hose and he did a great job until he thought he would spray me in the face.. did I mention, my children have amazing listening skills. But we did have a blast. I love days like this. Not a worry in the world.. just my children, my husband, and myself enjoying some amazing family time. AHHHH!!!

Here is Bentley and Great Grandma Armer (from Kansas) sitting on the deck watching all the fun. We can't wait till they come visit again.

More of my smiling baby girl. She just loves her brother and sister.. and being outside.
This 13 pounds of sweetness says "Thank you for the prayers!"


  1. Well first off that precious little girl can have my prayers anytime!!! She's absolutely adorable..I could just squeeze her she's so cute.

    I love love love the pics of Bryson and Brenna...I'm so happy to know that my kids aren't the only ones that don't listen because my boys would have done the exact same thing!

    Glad you guys had a great time...we all need days like that!

  2. Aww, those are fantastic pictures! The one of your baby is BEAUTIFUL! Those eyes and smile just melts your heart on the spot. :o)

  3. OMG--haha they look so cute with there muddy self's :) and Bentley's eyes have to the the prettiest BLUE that I've ever seen!!!

  4. Hi Crystal, I just found your blog. Bentley is adorable, and we will be praying for her. My son was also a Tet (transplanted now). I will be following y'all closely and keeping you lifted up in prayer. Let us know if we can do anything to help you.

  5. Haha...I LOVE the pics!! Looks like the older ones had too much fun and Bentley looks beautiful :)

  6. oh my gosh.. the muddy pictures made me laugh.. those are great... the lead up to the muddy ones.. behaving.. behaving.. ooppps misbehaving:) I love bentleys paci pics too:) she is soo stinking cute.. actually all your children are:)and u are too:0

  7. Awe! I get the giggles everytime I see your beautiful children! Thank you so much for sharing. It's always a joy to see children laughing, smiling, and living life!

  8. I love the progression of the mud pics! They try so hard and then poof... mud! I am sure it was not so funny to clean up but looks like they had fun!

    Bentley is adorable as always! Praying for her every single day!

    About the passies: After the OHS, you will be glad to have the passy. TRUST ME! Kyleigh was addicted to passies! She was known around the hospital as "the girl with 1000 passies". ANY time we are inpatient she has, at any given time, 15 passies in the bed with her. The last time we went in for some scans we had broken her of it and the minute we hit the doors of the hospital she sounded panicky and said... "I needuh passsy pease!".... I nearly cried! We let her keep them until she was 2 1/2.

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