Saturday, May 16, 2009


Our morning is full of packing for the surgery and last minute shopping.. around lunch time we will be on our way to Houston to donate blood. We are needing prayers for this... I have always been borderline anemic and hardly ever have high enough iron to donate. I have been able to donate twice out of the 5 times I have tried. Bentley and I are a match but my iron has to be good. Please pray that my iron is high enough.. of course I will be SO grateful for any blood that is given to her.. but at the same time I would like to be able to do this for her. We are not sure what Ryan's blood type is. He is also going to donate, if he is a match then she can also use his blood. If he is not a match, it will go to the blood bank for someone else. So please also pray that Ryan's blood is a match and can be used as well.

Sorry I have no time to upload pictures right now, I will post more soon. I hope to have a sweet video up before the surgery, so keep checking for that.

Last but not least.. thank you to ALL of you who shared where you live.. it was so AWESOME to read and get to know you all on a more personal level. I have visited each one of your blogs (if you have one) and loved reading so many different post. Keep the comments coming.. I will let you know on Sunday who will be receiving some of Bentley's bracelets.. if we reach 100 comments then I will send them to 3 different people.

... I will let you know how this trip goes when we get back. Thank you for the prayers!!!


  1. Praying for you! Have a safe trip!

  2. We are praying for your family here! I can't believe it is already time for her surgery...she is in our thoughts and prayers! Have a very safe trip!
    Heart Hugs and love!!
    The Smith's

  3. Take a DEEP breath..... I just did. Will be thinking and praying for all of you.

    Give that baby girl a thousands kisses.


  4. I wish you the best of luck! You are all in my prayers! Just remeber GOD is looking after you.

    Be safe!

  5. Have a safe trip! Your family will be in my thoughts and prayers!

  6. Praying and thinking of you often:)


  7. Will keep on praying for your family!

  8. Safe trip - I'll be praying!


  9. Wish I knew earlier that you were borderline anemic - I have always been anemic also. I added more red meat (in the form of steak!) and broccoli to my diet and it helped tremendously. I'm praying that your blood is able to be used for Bentley just the way it is now - God can work in any way he chooses!

  10. Hey girly!! Thinking about your today!! Praying for a very safe drive! Talk to you soon!!

  11. Hope your iron is high enough to donate your blood! I'm praying for Bentley and your family b/c I know this is a stressful time for you. I am praying for an amazingly successful surgery next week!

  12. My family is certainly praying for you. I will be checking often for updates!


  13. I've just gotten around to checking blogs today. Saw your tweet as i was reading your post from this said you needed alittle time...praying that you need time to process that you were able to donate rather than not! Hope everything went okay and you guys had a safe trip. Praying for your family and sending hugs your way!

  14. Stopped by again before going to bed..... please keep us all posted as much and as soon as you can, do you tweet? LOL

    I have tears in my eyes, for I can ONLY imagine what emotions you are going through.

    It is SO easy for us to sit here and watch others go through things, but if I put myself there with Morgan or Hunter.... Oh My Goodness, my heart sinks into my stomach and my heart races and I feel almost as if I could have a panic attack.

    However, since I am not in your shoes today, that means I have been chosen to be your strong hold and prayer worrier, and sister in Christ.

    Ill be thinking and praying, and thinking and praying about you over the next few days.

    And thinking about baby Kayleighs parents tomorrow. :(

    I feel emotional tonight, if you can't already tell.

    God BLess

  15. I am so excited that you are able to donate blood for Bentley. We weren't able to do that for Owen due to infants and blood and blah blah blah. I don't even remember now, but I'm pretty sure it was a hospital specific issue and they just didn't want to deal with it.

    Hopefully Bentley won't need too many transfusions and that if she does, it's your donated blood.

    Do they have to stop her heart and put her on ECMO for the surgery????

    We continue to pray for you all. If you need to vent, or chat... email me anytime!


  16. Godspeed, you guys!!! Praying for safe travels, good iron levels and a succesful surgery.

  17. You are definitely in our thoughts and prayers!!!!


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