Thursday, July 2, 2009


Bentley wearing "the bow" of all bows... "The Bentley Bow"

... yes it is named after her. You can read the story behind it here. We have some pretty amazing people in our life. I know the photos look off.. not sure why, but the bow is pink and brown.

Bentley is doing great. She has been a little fussy lately, but I think that is what happens when you were told from day 1 that you must give her anything and everything she wants so she does not cry.. we did just that. She now has more restricitions because she is so mobile... and she does not like it a bit. When I say more restrictions.. I don't mean from her cardiologist.. just the restrictions that all 10 month olds have, you know... getting into and on top of things.


  1. She's looking GREAT! Praise the Lord! and I LOVE Ms. Brenna's hair!

  2. YAHOO for Miss Bentley! She is totally adorable and precious and just melts me all inside!

  3. What a beautiful the way your type is the same color as your background so I can't read the words in your posts :(

  4. oh she looks so precious in that bow!! i think the bently bow was a great idea! a bow vendor for our boutique offered to make an abby grace bow for abby.. tell glam r baby she rocks and that idea was awesome!!

  5. My heart just skipped a colossal beat!!! She's adorable! And that bow, LOVE IT!

  6. Can I just say... we are currently feeling the repercussions of two straight years of "anything Kyleigh wants" and oh dear LORD help us!

    Bentley looks adorable in her bow!

  7. Shes so beautiful! God bless her!

  8. She's looking beautiful! She's a princess and she's been through alot so of course she wants her way :) and really who could tell her no. :)

  9. LOVE HER!! She is just a doll,and such a strong little booger,it just amazes me how wonderful she is doing.Just shows that we serve a mighty GOD!!She is so precious,and Ms. Brenna's hair was too cute,I've been thinkin about doing that with Baikey Grace's but I just can't talk myself into it,lol.Still praying for your Bentley and your family,and I know what you mean about the restrictions.My youngest Chloe Kate had just started crawling Fater's Day,and now she is pulling up,Bailey is well a 2 yr old,[need I say more,lol]and to top it all off I am 18 weeks pregger.I have my hands FULL! But,I LOVE it,and wouldn't have it any other way.You are a wonderful mother,and don't you worry,keep on spoiling that sweet baby!!!

  10. Bentley's bow is so cute! Almost as big as she is. ((smile))

    I'll bet she will think the fireworks are pretty. But I also know she might not like the loud noises. The big booms even make my heart jump!

    So glad she is doing so well. She looks wonderful!!!

    Like your new blog. Glad to see you are having some personal time to do things like this.

    Take care and God Bless!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits


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