Tuesday, July 7, 2009


WHEW! We have had one busy weekend.. good one.. but busy. Ryan was off yesterday so today is Monday for me. For the 4th we spent our time celebrating at home.. Bentley got in her baby pool for the first time. She is not allowed to be in the sun, but we have complete shade all around our house. So her little dip in the pool was great. I have the cutestest pictures to show but don't want to post too much right now. She was only outside for about 30 minutes. Ryan and I took turns staying inside playing with her and the other would stay outside with Bryson and Brenna while they were swimming and playing. Wow, doesn't sound like we did much of anything.. but I am worn out..

Bentley and Daddy...
I will be posting about Bentley's pool experience tomorrow.. I think that is the only thing I am behind on. If I am forgetting something, please let me know! ha! I feel like I haven't posted a normal post in forever.. I am excited to get back in the swing of things. As for this week.. Bentley has her cardiologist appointment on Friday and Bryson has his regional track meet on Friday. Between now and then.. probably lots more swimming.
Oh and I have changed my header. It is now random.. and will show each of my children when refreshed. If you see the same one in a row, just click refresh again..


  1. I love the new header and I can't wait to see the cute pool pictures.

  2. I can't wait to see the pool pictures. I never knew that our babes weren't supposed to go out in the sun. I'm sure it's the medication, but Owen is out in the sun all the time. I never knew.

    LOVE the new rotating headers. I am getting ready to revamp my blog. I just need to find an afternoon to do it.

    Looking forward to a GREAT cardiology report on Fri.


  3. I love the new header =)

    Oh my! Look at those two piercing teeth in the bottom.

    As usual, Bentley (and her cheeks) are ever so cute. Can't wait to read more about the pool adventure =)

  4. That is so neat how your header rotates pictures and colors. You are awesome!

    I loved seeing the cute pictures of Bentley!

  5. Too cute! And I love the new header!


  6. Loving the new header!!!!!! Such a cool idea :)

    Can't wait to see her pool pics! The one of her where you can see her two teeth is so cute! She's getting sooo big!

  7. LOVE the rotating header! I am working on one of those for someone else...kind of fun to play with! Have a great week! HUGS!

  8. COOL header idea! Bentley is sure growing fast! Can't wait to see more picts and hear about the pool experiance!

  9. Now I really love this new blog look... and the idea of the rotating header is fun!

    I always feel exhausted from doing seemingly nothing too!

    And Miss Bentley... she is such a dollbaby!

  10. what great pictures! I love the bows!!! Have a blessed week. I'm stopping by via the blog hop.



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