Thursday, July 16, 2009


So there hasn't been much going on here.. we are having our same hot days so we are limited to staying inside, or swimming. Bentley is sweet as always... she has started taking her diaper off herself, so I have to make sure there is always something covering her. Luckily we have not ran into a big mess with this yet! Keyword: yet! She is clapping all the time, and saying YAY all the time. She is becoming more verbal sometimes saying "bye" and trying other words. Brenna is not up to much.. just swimming and enjoying summer. Bryson he has been swimming and going to track practices getting ready for the state track meet that is soon approaching. He has also practiced with a baseball team that has been put together for a benefit. There is a local mom that has been diagnosed with cancer. Our community has put together a baseball tournament to help raise money. We are not sure of the weekend this will take place but we are very happy to be apart of something so special. I will post more about this as I find more out.

In case you are wondering... I am still bike riding and eating well. I started Monday.. my younger sister and I are riding bikes together and doing 6.5 miles every day. It has been really nice but extremely hard at the same time. There is not anywhere good in my neighborhood to ride bikes because we live near a highway (small highway) and I rather not ride there. So I have been going to my parents everyday. They live further in the country where there is gravel and hills. Just a short portion is gravel but it is definitely one of the hardest parts. The rest is paved but has many many hills. These two things make it so hard, but when I finish I am thrilled and feel so good. Today we rode 7.5 miles. Have I ever mentioned how wonderful my husband is.. I take a water bottle that hangs on my bike, but it is gone about half way... so my husband is so kind to bring me another bottle of water when I'm out. ha! Sounds bad I know.. but when the temperature is 102 (in the evening) when you are riding it's extremely important to stay hydrated. He makes me smile!!! So things are good here, and hopefully I can stick with this. I really enjoyed hearing your experiences and workouts your prefer. One that I am interested in adding is Zumba, and one of you suggested it. Does anyone else do this? I think it looks fun!

I will update with pictures of the kids tomorrow. Also a few days ago we were informed about a benefit that our neighbors are putting on for Bentley. Her granddaughter sings and she will be having a concert and bake sale in our town. These are very sweet people and we are so blessed to have people like this not only in our lives, but that we can call our neighbors.


  1. I'm so impressed! I ride the stationary bike every day, but I'm afraid riding a real bike in the real world is too much for me!

  2. Wow! That's awesome to ride for that long. My street is so boring to ride on that I can't take much more than 2 laps, which is 2 miles, plus I'm tired after that. Ha! How nice of your neighbors to do a benefit. That's wonderful!

  3. 7.5 miles? If I were to ride for that long I'd be in a hospital! How long does that take you? It sounds like you're doing an awesome job and I'm so proud of you :)

    Your hubby is so sweet to bring you water halfway...definitely a keeper(just in case you didn't know that already) :)

  4. How fun for you to be biking with your sister. That is also so sweet of your hubs to bring you more water. You got a good man there!
    Can't wait to see pictures of the kids. Love the header...I have seen it before, but I dont' think I told you yet.

  5. my little girl takes off her diaper...its always an adventure.

    & congrats on the bike riding!

  6. Crystal, You Go Girl! I am glad that you are getting in some me time, benefit your body and your mind. You have been through a lot.

    Yes, your hubby is a keeper. How nice of him to bring you more water.

    So glad that Bentley is doing well, and growing and changing and doing all of the things that babies do! ((smile)) Taking off diapers! That is cute,...the little stinker!

    Praying for ya,
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  7. Ah yes, we are working on the diaper taking off thing now too. Not too fun since we are battling the same heat that you are. She always has to have some shorts over her diaper or it gets taken off.

    Way to go on the bike riding. I have thought about it but since we live out in the country, I think it would be dangerous for me to ride a bike. I need to start walking again.

    We had a cold front move in last night and the high today is going to be 93. I will send some "COLD" down your way.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I got really excited that a "famous" blogger made a comment on mine.

    Have a great weekend and try and stay cool.

  8. I don't know how you ride in the heat, I'm proud of you!!

    This darn summer heat is keeping us indoors as well. I've been working out at home. Oh, and I dance. It's my thing. Hip hop, Jazz, Ballet... I've always done it and you never lose it. Now, if I could just stop eating crap, sleep and stop stressing.. I might just lose weight :).


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