Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I'm back!! I wish I could say we went on a long exciting vacation to a tropical location somewhere.. but no, we did not. In fact, we haven't gone anywhere. I am just so overwhelmed with school about to start I had to cut blogging out of my time for a few days, posting and reading. So if you normally hear from me but have not... I have not been on blogger in a few days. I have missed blogging and reading your blogs so I'm happy to be back!

I just have to tell you that I have survived Bryson's first sleepover (at a friends) and his first tackle football practice all in one weekend! WOW, my baby boy is growing up. He had a blast, it was a sleepover for his friends birthday so several boys all who are close friends stayed the night together, so as you can imagine.. they played the whole time. I'm sure, I never even crossed his mind. But boy was he on mine! ha! As soon as we dropped him off, I broke down and became very cranky towards Ryan. Anything he said I would snap back, bless his heart. But he understood that I was just upset because Bryson was sleeping over at a friends for the first time. I sure love my husband, I sometimes feel like he knows me better than I know myself. Seriously, he finishes my sentences and constantly knows what I'm thinking. He is definitely my soul mate, I'm so blessed! Now a little about football practice. We had 2 practices last week but Saturday was their first practice to wear their pads and to start tackling. Bryson is one of the youngest in his grades and he is one of the smallest, so I have been nervous about this. After Saturday he has reassured me once again that he can definitely hold his own. He may be small but he is one tough and determined kid. One of the other moms even told me, "he may be small but he sure packs a big punch!" ha. I feel a little better now that the first big practice is over, so I think I am good now.. well, at least until the first game anyway. ha! Bryson has always wanting to be running back, he is fast and he could totally pull it off.. BUT I think we have a quarterback on our hands. He is extremely impressive as quarterback and it didn't take long for him to be given that position. Now that he is quarterback he is happy about that and he can't wait for the season to start! Me on the other hand... I think I can wait. (just a couple of years maybe)

Brenna has been busy gearing up for school and will start soccer practices next week. The girl loves soccer and she's great at it too! So I will be posting more about that as it comes!!!

The girl may be young, but she is full of attitude. Yes! I am talking about Bentley. She is hilarious. She has starting making this noise when she is frustrated.. Brenna makes this noise all the time when she is not happy, so she must have gotten it from her. We can't help but to laugh when she does it, which is a lot by the way. I am going to try to catch it on video to share with you because their is just no way I can type this noise out. ha! It's too cute!!

So that is just a little update for now. I should really get to bed, we have another busy day tomorrow. Goodnight ya'll!


  1. Sounds like you have some very good athletes on your hands. You are going to be busy for years and years to come with sporting events. So are we. i love it! Glad you are back.

  2. Glad that everything's been going well for you guys! That is so cool that Bryson had his first sleepover! Alyssa had her first one about a month ago. She had such a great time and I felt the same way that you did!

    It will be fun to see a little video of Miss Bentley. Isn't so funny to see how their little personalities start at such a young age! I've got two firecrackers over here! :)

  3. Glad to hear the update. It sounds like you all are doing well. Our first day of school is tomorrow. My oldest is excited to get to go to the big school.

  4. Oh, the first sleepover!! Kamryn has had a few but hates it. She always asks to stay until 10, but then she wants her OWN bed. HA!

    I can't wait to see football and soccer updates this fall. We tried our hand at soccer, but K. decied she wanted to pick grass and twirl her piggytails around instead of get close to the ball... or run for that matter.

    You'll have to get Bentley on video, I'm dying to see it!!

    I'm glad all is well and you're keeping busy. Enjoy the kiddos at home because it stinks when they go back to school. :(


  5. I remember Madison's first sleepover....she was so excited that she didn't even care if she told me bye.....she was like, oh, you're still here? LOL!

    I hope the kids have lots of fun with their sports this year. It sounds like you will have stars!

    That would be so cute if you could get Bentley on video.

    Have a great week!

  6. Oh yes...Brennen's first sleepover was really tough for me. I was wide awake that whole night. Ha ha! Even now, I still don't like it when he is away at a friends house. It makes me a nervous wreck. :) Hope the start to the new year goes smoothly for them and that football season proves to be a good thing as well. Big hugs girl!


  7. The first time that Lucas spent the night away at a friends house I slept with the phone by my bed. I finally fell asleep about 130 or so and then when I woke up in the morning I was so shocked he made it through the night yet upset because I felt like he didn't need me anymore :)

    They grow up so fast!!!!

    Allie's getting the attitude too...still so sweet and lovable yet full of vinegar!

  8. Oh blogging friend, how I have missed you!! I haven't been blogging either, adn I am just now catching up too. But let me tell you, that you and Little Miss Bentley have been the talk at our house.....I am about to post about it, so you will have to come over and read. And let me just tell you that, after I read on your blog how difficult it was for you to go back to TCH for the first time, and what an emotional day it was for you; it blessed my heart SO much that you would think of Abby Grace and leave such a perfect little gift for her. The little bear is her favorite and she has named her Bentley. It is SO funny. Love you girl!!!


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