Wednesday, November 18, 2009


This little girl just started basketball for the first time ever!! So far so good, she loves it... and she loves it even more because that is 1 extra hour a night, a week that she gets to hang out with her friends!!! She also has a birthday coming up.. soon actually. We are running behind in the party planning... it's not easy planning an almost 6 year old girl's party in the peak of winter. Bryson is an April baby.. she is our first winter baby and it's tough.. to plan an affordable party since it's just days away from Christmas that is inside since it is winter. Hmmm... I would love to hear your winter party ideas?

And thanks to all of you helping me with my last post. I am a beginner puppy buyer so each comment helped a ton!!!

UPDATE: A couple of you have mentioned a Christmas theme, and we were also thinking this. I did not think of the cookie decorating and ornament decorating ideas.. LOVE that!!! We were thinking about hiring us a "santa" to come. I'm loving your ideas friends!!! Keep em' coming!!!


  1. bake a bunch of gingerbread cookies (or buy them) and let all the kids decorate them. also let them make christmas ornaments with beads, etc that you can find at the dollar store. make it a holiday theme party since it's about that time of year!

  2. LOVE the idea of the christmas cookies/ornaments!!!

    I was thinking of taking just a few of her friends to lunch and then maybe to get their nails done?

    another word on the puppy (sorry- i feel like I am on a soap box here but these are things I would have wanted to know). Not sure what type of breeder you are getting your puppy from, but if you can, don't feed the dog any food you can buy at wal-mart ect- or any food that has "chicken (or whatever meat) by-products" by-products are parts of animals that are not fit for human consumption. It will really pay off in the long run (vet bills) if you feed a high quality food (Wellness, Halo, Canidae...) ok.. stepping OFF my soap box now :)

  3. No idea on the puppy post.. I am totally NOT an animal person. I'd rather have 20 kids than one animal. Pathetic, I know. :)

    Birthday parties in the winter.. I got this one! Kamryn and Owen are both Jan babes. We do a lot of parties at our house. Last year we did a "late-over" pajama party. Started the party at 6, girls came in their Pj's, they were going to make slippers (with ribbons) and we got too busy eating pizza (almost did fondue), sang karoke, did eachother's hair, and anything you do at sleepovers.. BUT, at 9-10pm, parents picked up thier kiddos and we went to bed. So inexpensive and we made the coolest sleepover cake... -- you can even watch a how to video!

    Just an idea. We have many more.

  4. This year my family is doing a time capsule ornament. We each put in something about this Christmas, and the next year we read it and do it again and watch how we change, grow and the blessings we are filled with.

  5. Girl, I hear ya (and I stink at coming up with ideas as well!)...Alexie was born three days before Christmas, Kylie was born 15 days after Christmas and Kole was born on Valentine's day - LOTS of fun! But I wouldn't trade it for I am sure you feel the same! Brenna is just are your other two! Is it weird to say that I could just eat them up?! You have a beautiful family! Love & HUGS, friend!

  6. Love the pic of Brenna! I too have a birthday close to Christmas, but I can't even remember what my parents did for me at birthday time when I was younger. The ideas for a decorating party sound fun!

  7. My nieces birthday is close to Christmas and my sister waits till Jan since so many are traveling in Dec. I believe she is doing a skating party this year. Although we will be on the Polar Express train on her actual birthday. Also we had a pug got her in Canton (First Monday) she came with all papers and shots.
    Good luck.


  8. you have such a lovely little girl. how wonderful that she is playing basketball! Love your blog.

  9. I have a friend who had a birthday party for her son at a hotel in the winter, so he could have a "swimming party" like his friends. The party was in the indoor pool area


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