Friday, November 20, 2009


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Here is Miss Bentley, she is doing great!!! We took a few fun pictures and here is another one of hers. Her personality continues to grow by the minute. She is so much fun!!

I really enjoyed all your comments about candles yesterday. That was a pretty fun post and I will for sure be checking out those candles I have not heard of!!! I love hearing and trying new things.

So how many of you like to shop on black friday? Well, I absolutely LOVE it!!! There are such great deals. I usually save $100's from shopping on black Friday. The crowd can be frustrating at times... but it's worth the money you save. If you are anything like me, you have already been searching and looking at the ads that have been "leaked". Usually you cannot even see the add until Thanksgiving day... but there are now websites out there that have the ads posted. I like to plan my day.. seriously... you would probably laugh at me if you could see me. Actually you are probably laughing at this post. But I have a huge list of everything I need, in order where everything is located in the store (the best I can anyway) so I get in, get what I want, and get out.. then I move to the next store on my list. I know I know... I sound silly!!! But being organized this day will help you save the most $$$!!! They only have so many of each item esp. the more expensive items so you have to be one of the first few there and in line. Black Friday is so popular so I'm sure many of you have already come across these ads, but I wanted to post here just in case. You can go to 2009 Black Friday to be directed to the ads that have been released. Plan your days people & happy shopping!!! Well, if you live near me... and are shopping for the same expensive items Friday... ignore this post please. ;) I don't need any more competition than what will already be there!!! HAHA!!! Just kidding. GO GO GO!!! It's fun. But do be careful.. it does get crazy sometimes.

Oh and another thing to do... (more homework) but it is hard to go to several different stores since most of them open at the same time and run out of their certain items so quickly. Take your ads with you Friday morning... if there is something you are wanting and you know Walmart has it, when you get to Walmart... take the other stores ad in get that item at Walmart. When you check out show the cashier the ad and they will match that price. So basically get as much as you can at Walmart by showing them other ads. It does have to be the EXACT item but this saves me from going to at least 2 or 3 other store and lots of $$$!!! And ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS get your big (expensive) items first. They have fewer of these so you want to make sure to get yours.

Oh goodness, I am probably making myself sound crazy. I'm not, I promise... but it's always good to take 1 or 2 people with you and split up once your in the door. I usually go with my mom and a sister. We all go in different directions and I get my items and theirs in that area, and they do the same. HAHA!! Crazy me I know. But it seriously works. When it's all said and done, I save at least $500 I'm sure much much more.


  1. I too am one of the crazies that gets up 4am (or earlier) and waits for that PERFECT deal. I love it!! Thankfully it's warm here, so we wait in 60degree weather... I can't imagine waiting in the snow or freezing temps. No thanks.

    Can't wait to see what you find.. you'll have to post it!!!


  2. Good luck getting your good deals!! I have never went out on Black Friday, just because I hate crowds, but I don't blame you for planning and organizing it all out! I think you have to if you want to be able to get what you're looking for :)

  3. Crystal you are so cute. I can just picture you running through the store to grab your bargains.

    I am like Kristin,..I don't like crowds so I have never gone out on Black Friday.

    My husband is the bargain shopper in our family!

    I am so glad that Bentley is doing so well. She is so adorable! My husband and I pray for her and the other blog babies that I have grown to love.

    Have a great day.

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  4. You crack me up girl! You are so organized! Love the pic of Bentley what a fun background! I LOVE photos like this! HAPPY SHOPPING and thanks for the tips!

  5. You gotta do what you gotta do girl! Last year was my first time to go and it was an unorganized nightmare. This year I have a plan and it sounds a lot like yours! I'm sure I'll run into you too. And that website is really helpful! Thanks! And happy shopping!

  6. Ha, I'll be working on black Friday, but have fun. I love her outfit in this pic!

  7. I can't handle the craziness of Black Friday, but I hope you have fun.

    Cute pic of Bentley!

  8. I go black friday shopping! it is going to be a long day for me, my friends and i are planning it all out! i love all the deals on toys and dvds!

  9. Why oh why do we live so far away??!!! Black Friday is my IT event of the Thanksgiving holiday.. to heck with the turkey, parade and football! Give me some crazy Target shoppers and 4 am BABY!!!!!!

    I have my lists already made and my route mapped out! There are so GOOD deals this year!!! YEEE!!!!!!!!! I am so happy... my hubby humors me and goes out with me because he knows I would rather SHOP on BF than actually GET anything for Christmas!

    You must post the deals you find!


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