Monday, November 23, 2009


I am in need of a good recipe for Thanksgiving. We are going to my grandparents for lunch and Ryan's parents for dinner. I usually take something different every year, so I have nothing in mind. We are just days away and I am clueless... OOPS!!!

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving recipes?

Also, Bentley goes to her 15 month well check up in the morning. I am always anxious for her doctor appointments. Her next cardi appointment is soon approaching... next month. I am really anxious for this one since we will be seeing her new cardiologist for the first time. I have heard such amazing things about him, we can't wait to meet him!!!


  1. Dessert or "real food?" :)
    I have an amazing Pumpkin Pie Crumble Cake that I make, it is to die for, and super simple!
    Anyway, let me know if you're interested!

  2. I'm no help, I buy the ice and paper plates :) But have fun!

  3. Corn casserole is a must on our menu for's the link to my recipe.


  4. I have an AWESOME potatoe recipe...or wild rice stuffing...crock-pot corn...or some to-die-for oatmeal, caramel, and chocoalte bars!! :)

    Let me know if anything sounds good!

  5. Candied Caramelized Yams!! So yummy and so easy!!

    Take 5 yams, boil until the skins starts to come off. Remove the skin after taking out of the boiling water. Slice the yams into thick pieces and place each yam in a glass casserole dish (approx 15 slices per pan). On stove, mix 2 sticks butter and 1 box brown sugar (1 lb), mix until sugar dissolves. Spoon mixture over each yam. Bake @ 225, basting the yams with the drippings each hour, for 7 hours.


  6. I do not cook for I have no recipes...but I love your blog header and your makeover.

  7. I have a great dessert I just made on Sunday. Give me your email and I'll email it to you.

  8. I just do basic stuff....mashed potatoes, etc., so I am no help :) I pray Bentley's appt goes great! Emma has one on Wednesday for her 15 month well check up too....I am not looking forward to those shots. Hope you find a great recipe! The ones on here sound good that people are commenting about!!

  9. Hey girl! Of course everyone loves the basics but it's always good to have a great dessert! I just made these pecan pie bars Sunday for my friends and they were a huge hit & very easy to make. Here's the link:


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