Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Sorry I am running behind this morning. Bentley has been feeling under the weather the past couple of days so I am running behind on all my "to do's". Thanks to those of you that participated and also those of you the blogged and tweeted about the giveaway. So much fun!!! After adding the extra entries for those of you that did blog and tweet I used to randomly select one of you.

Congrats to Gerri!!! You will receive the LeapFrog set of maracas!!! Email me at with your address and CSN Stores will get that shipped to you. They are too much fun!!!

I know many of you love LeapFrog toys, but haven't seen these yet. Another great LeapFrog toy that has been a big hit in this household is the LeapFrog alphabet drum. All 3 were crazy about this drum. Since Bryson and Brenna were babies there has been a newer updated version, but they were great!!! So those of you that are on the hunt for a good baby toy, this is it. I would strongly suggest one of these. Below is the drum Bentley had.

And here is the drum Bryson and Brenna had!!! They were both made by LeapFrog and worked the exact same way, just a new updated look. Kinda sad... I realize even more now that my babies are growing when I see a company update a toy such as this!!! Memories!!!

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  1. They change toys all the time. I'm amazed from the time they were all babies to my next ones how different toys are. Caleb and Allie are only 15 months apart and even they updated tons of them in short period of time. That's their ploy to make us spend more money :)


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