Monday, January 18, 2010


Oh WOW!! Where does the time go? I have decided to take a much needed break, without notice - I'm sorry. This new year has really been good to us while keeping us super busy at the same time... I have continued to pursue my interest in photography. I started Angie's photography class, which has been great. I am learning so much. I have also did a couple of small practice photo shoots for my little sister and my best friend. I plan on posting those soon.

Also, we have been gearing up and getting ready for out next season of sports!! We are finishing up basketball and Brenna will soon be starting soccer again. She is stoked.. she is loving sports. She has grown up seeing her brother play everything and she has always just adored him... she is thrilled she finally is old enough to follow his footsteps. She has also been doing wonderfully in school. She amazes me more and more everyday with how fast she learns. She is one beautiful smart girl!! Bryson will be playing on a great select baseball team this year. He has never played on a select team, you usually have to be asked to play on a select baseball team (around here). So we received the phone call a few weeks ago and he just smiled from ear to ear. He will be playing with a few of his closest friends which he has not yet got the opportunity to do. Since Ryan coaches and most of his good friends parents coach, they have never had the chance to be on the same team. So all the kids are just thrilled. They will travel and play other select teams from out of town, it's just a super fun experience. We are looking forward to this. There is an ex-pro baseball player within the organization that asked Bryson, and we got word that one of the kids on the team's dad is also an ex-pro player. Bryson is also in awe of this. Pro athletes are what Hannah Montana is to girls in Bryson's eyes. HA!! We have never been down this road but we are excited and extremely proud of our son and his accomplishments.

Bentley has been doing just great!! She is growing so fast. She is such a smart and funny girl, we constantly see her shadowing our every move. She makes us laugh so hard. Bentley dances more and more everyday. The girl hears just a second of music and she starts shaking those hips like you have never seen. Bentley is VERY busy, we have an extremely hard time keeping her distracting during basketball games. She wants to run on the court with the kids playing, she loves loves loves kids. Oh and she is crazy about food, she is constantly eating. Bentley is far from shy, definitely a social butterfly. Just such a beautiful beautiful girl!!!

The past couple of weeks during my break from my blog, I have actually found myself drifting to my blog many times looking back at Bentley's surgery. It has brought back many emotions and again I have to say thank you. Thank you so much for all the prayers during Bentley's heart surgery. Looking at the pictures and reading the comments, etc... wow!! We are such blessed people to have you in our lives.


  1. I was just thinking about you all! Thanks for the update! I am happy you are all doing great. I can't wait to see your photographs!

  2. Glad to hear everything is going great!

  3. So glad to hear an update! It sounds like life is going great for you all! Your kids are such wonderful little people. They sound like so much fun. I am so glad they are enjoying their sports and Bentley is doing amazing--I love hearing about the dancing-Emma is completely the same way!! I can't wait to see your photographs you took, I bet they are great!

  4. Glad you're back and that all is well. I know you are about to get so busy with Spring sports, don't forget about us and let us know what is going on with your precious family!

  5. We've missed you and glad you are back. I am super happy to hear everything is going good. I too am going to take some classes to first learn how to use my camera and all its bells and whistles as well as actual photography classes. Look forward to seeing your photos.


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