Thursday, February 11, 2010

I "HEART"... (add yours!)

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Since day 1 of our heart journey, we have really openned our eyes to not take life for granted. Not that we didn't know before but it's not hard to get caught up in life and overlook the many positives in our lives especially when you might have some negatives. I have posted this before (a few times) and wish I would have continued it so I can look back on those.

Every Thursday I am going to post I "heart"... and will list a few things that happened the past week that remind me just how blessed I am. As you have probably guessed this was inspired by Bentley's heart. Although we were going through an extremely difficult time, there were many positives that I often overlooked because I would let the difficult moments bring me down. At the same time this is great CHD Awareness considering it was inspired by Bentley's heart.

Feel free to join in, and add yourself to Mcklinky below. I love how I can make notes of these little things that mean so much to me, and look back on them anytime. They do not have to be heart related in any way, they can be ANYTHING. Mine are completely random...

I "heart" that it is suppose to snow here in Texas today.

I "heart" that Bryson does his homework without me asking.

I "heart" that Brenna has such an amazing memory.

I "heart" that Bentley has continued to do well since her surgery - no problems at all.

I "heart" the MILLION little things that Ryan does for me.

I "heart" Valentines day.

I "heart" photography.

I "heart" puppy chow. (not dog food, but the yummy snack)

I "heart" my uh-mazing blog readers.

So there are just a few of mine for this week. I can't wait to read what you heart!!!

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