Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Sorry I have been MIA, we have had quite the weekend. We were at Bryson's select baseball (travel) tourny all day Sat. and Sun. We have been so exhausted and trying to catch up on rest from that and the time change. WHHEEWW!!! But it was such a fun weekend. Bryson had never experienced this before, and I am so glad that he loved every minute of it. Most of the kids on the team are good friends of his that he already knew. So he gets to not only play baseball for 2 whole days but hang with his best buds at the same time. It's so fun just sitting back watching them all "hang out" I love listening to them, they are so funny. We played a total of 5 games. Two games on Sat. and three games on Sun. We tied 1 and won 4... including the CHAMPIONSHIP game!!! 1st PLACE - YAY!!! This was Bryson's first select tourney game ever but it was also this group of boys first time to ever play together so it was kind of a big deal. They did such an amazing job.

At the end of the Championship game, Bentley walked out on the field and found the chalk line to be pretty interesting.

Above, after we received our tropies the boys noticed they said runner up not Champions... so they had to let someone know and get them switched out for the right trophies.

About to receive tropies!!!

Above, are both Bryson scoring.

Long day for Bentley...

she really loved it though. She loves being outside and the weather was so nice.

My favorite photo of the weekend. I'm his biggest fan!!!

Bentley playing with her shadow!!!

Bryson and daddy... they ended up asking Ryan to help coach and he could have been more happy. He is so good with kids.

Above is another favorite. Bryson had so many great hits this weekend!!! They have 2 jersey's- blue for one day and black for one day. These pictures are posted in random order... and I hate that I don't have any of Brenna to share with you but honestly, that just shows you how much fun she had. There are several little sisters and brothers she played with the whole time. Every picture I took of her ended up being blurry because she would not stay still long enough.

And there is my baby boy again!!! Like I said, I am his biggest fan- and I'm sure I drive people crazy because of it. ;) We are use to being busy but that was a whole different kind of busy. We were completely worn out. Seriously, I don't think I have ever been that exhausted but it was such a blast and so worth it. We ALL had so much fun- can't wait until next time!!!!

Thanks for all you checking up on him with comments and emails with the Good Luck wishes!!!
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