Friday, May 14, 2010


You might see this note floating all over the Internet.

"Please ..... take action now ppl - ATTN EVERYONE: There's a site called, it's an online phonebook that has pictures that you have posted on Facebook, phone number,credit score, profession, home value, income , # of children, profession, and age. Search for your name. Remove yourself by clicking the Privacy button on the bottom right...of their website and follow instructions. (Please Re-Post)"

I normally just ignore the the "re-post" notes b/c I feel more than half the time they are untrue. Well, the point of this one is privacy for you and your family... which definitely interest me. So I checked it out... and I was shocked to see that it was TRUE!!!! I just wanted to post this here so you could be aware of this information that is posted online and the extent of it as well. I was blown away when I read all the information they had posted on Ryan and myself. It's ridiculous, scary, and very PRIVATE. I immediately removed mine and Ryan's by following the step in the quotes and it took it down immediately. I just wanted you to be aware of this. I understand it's probably not a big deal to some but to most I think it will be. And me... well, I may not seem like a private person, but I am (more than you probably know).

What worries me more is that on this site you can PAY to find out even more information!!! Seriously!!! Is this even legal? I'm still in shock. It also worries me to think what other sites are out there that might be doing the exact same things. Not cool!!!

Just sayin'...

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We have a break this weekend with sports so I am hoping I will have lots of time to catch up blogging, and a few other updates I have going on. Enjoy your weekend friends!!!!
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