Tuesday, October 19, 2010


As you can see I have not been posting pictures... I'm very sad to say, that I no longer have a camera. I haven't for a while and I can hardly stand it...

At one of Bryson's football games, I had my camera (in the case) under the stroller.. I actually had BOTH of my camera's my big nice one and normal point and shoot... once we got home I realized my camera back was still in the stroller so I went to get it only to find my whole bag drenched in WATER!!! Yep, water... apparently Brenna through her bottle of water under the stroller and the top was not on good so it leaked EVERYWHERE. I was crossing all fingers hoping my big nice camera would dry out and still work. But nope. Not a chance. There was no reviving it... then I was hoping my point and shoot would at least work to get me by until I got a new camera. I'm a mom of 3 super duper busy kids... I HAVE to have a camera. But nope. My point and shoot didn't work either.

Thankfully both memory cards still worked so I did not lose the pictures that I had already taken, but I am not CAMERALESS!!! It's seriously killing me. And as bad as I wanted to just run out and replace it... it just doesn't work that way. I feel an early Christmas present coming to me... but I must save up for that Christmass present too. UGGHHH!!! I'm not completely cameraless though, my mom has let me borrow her point and shoot during times of need. But it's not the same. I want my big camera back!!! I miss it, and I have never craved to go take pictures like I am now. =((((

Hope everyone is having a great day!!
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