Friday, November 12, 2010


OMG!!! It's that time again... BLACK FRIDAY!!!!

Yes, I'm pretty sure that I was the ONLY blogger who probably went shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I remember there weren't too many people interested in it. But it gets me so excited... ha!! Ryan always has to work so I do have to make my trip quick so he can get to work on time.... well... maybe not. I start so early I'm finished in plenty of time. =)

But if you do like Black Friday... go to here to see some of the ads that are already out... Toys R Us and Target are my favs right now... Best Buy and Walmart hasn't been posted just yet. And no, I am defintely NOT getting paid for that link. Just sillyness!!! If you are a regular reader you will know I am nuts and sit in those long lines and yes... last year I pulled my first all nighter in a Best Buy line. haha!!! I live such an exciting life, I tell ya!!!

And I still have no camera, so I am really hoping I can find a nice one then. No luck so far in the adds... crossing my fingers for Best Buy to have one. We'll see!!!
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