Saturday, February 7, 2009


I only have a minute but I wanted to post.. Today was our last basketball game of the season. It has been a great undefeated season! YEAH! Time to move on to baseball & soccer for Bryson and t-ball & soccer for Brenna. WOAH!!!

Here a couple of pics from today's game. Please excuse my photography skills. ha! I slack in that department, you will learn that quick. And the dull gym lighting does not help.

Yeah I know you cannot see it very well (we can pretend I added this blur), but that is my little man taking it down.. he shoots.. he SCORES!

After the game, ready to go home.

She's not always this good during games. She likes to go to the restroom about 100 times (ugh, do not like public restrooms) and she likes to make many many trips to the concession stand (although in basketball they do not have one, she sure does ask the WHOLE game). But she is my pretty princess!

My other pretty princess. This is what she likes to do during games.. Her shirt says it all!

I will be making another post tonight and it is a really important one, so please come back tonight or tomorrow and check it out.

Much love,

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