Thursday, March 19, 2009


(Here is Bentley earlier this week.. cheesing before we left for practices!)

Bentley has been really fussy the past few days. She is teething, and has for a while.. but no tooth yet. It's tough when she gets like this because she doesn't need to cry. We don't want her oxygen to go down and set off a tet spell. So anytime Bentley has a fuss we instantly grab her up and do whatever we can do to make her happy again. She has learned to use this in her advantage. She knows she gets anything and everything she wants anytime. So she doesn't hesitate to let us know! ha. She is so funny and SMART!

She has developed so much this week. Bentley has been sitting up with support for a while now and here and there for a second by herself, but today she sat up for a good while all by her self. Not only that but she is trying to crawl. Bentley has always been pretty mobile. She just rolls where ever she wants to go. Today for the first time she attempted to actually crawl. She was on all fours and tried to crawl. She made it one little step and went down. But this is big, this is really big for her. Now I remember Bryson and Brenna both for a while before they crawled, they would come up on all fours and rock back and forth and scoot around a while.. Bentley has really skipped this. I am amazed by this little girl. She is so strong in every way! So probably not too much longer and she will be crawling! We'll see! Also, I have found a new baby food that she loves.. CHICKEN! I thought I would give meats a try and see how she liked it. And my goodness, she ate it up!

I have decided to go ahead a do a giveaway! It will start on Monday, March 23. I will give all details then. In the picture below you will see fabrics that will be used.. my personal favorites! I love pink and I love animal prints! There you have it, I have said more than enough.. the rest will have to wait until Monday! Sorry boys, but this one is for the girls.. I will do a special one just for the boys next. But anyone will be able to enter.. I plan on giving away one gift, but if there are lot entering then I might change it to more. Details on Monday...

Thanks to those of you that commented or emailed offering to help donate to the hospital. I was not expecting a response like that, truly amazing! I will give more details on this in a few days, probably Monday. So don't think I am ignoring you.. just gathering more information.


  1. Bentley is precious--and I think it's adorable how she knows that ya'll will be at her beckon call anytime...she is a smart little princess!

    LOVE the fabric by the way, I can't wait to see what you are doing...totally not fair that your making us wait--haha...

  2. Oh la la... a give away. We like. Thank you for the prayers and the very sweet comments in return. I will keep you posted as Morgan's appointment approaches. I swear I feel my stomach tie up in knots just thinking about it.

    Make a really cute bracelet or hat ....draw my name and Morgan can wear your design in all her pictures I will take at her heart doctor appointment...hehehehhe!!!!

    God Bless.

  3. Oh my goodness, Bentley is such a beautiful, adorable, and from what you describe intelligent little baby. I can see her skipping the whole crawling thing and walking hee hee.

    Matthew, skipped a lot of the baby foods and opted for those wieners in a jar and carrots in a jar, he didn't get his first tooth in until his 1st birthday but fretted since he was about 6 months old. Our doctor said, it was probably because it felt good against his gums so I ran with it, so long as I watched his stools and nutrition.

    YOU HAVE TO VIDEO TAPE Bentley showing her stuff. I get so excited seeing babies do new things, it's amazing how much they can do all on their own.

    Lots of love to the kiddies and continued prayers for Bentley. Additional prayers for less fuss. BTW... I swore by Hylands Homeopathic teething gel and tablets and I used those training nets with frozen fruits to help soothe. Hope that helps a little. I know how it is to give in to the cries in fear that it may start something else. I think Matt and Bentley have a lot in common, hee hee!

  4. Bentley is Precious!I have never commented before, but i am inspired by your strength and faith! God will always be with you and will bring that precious baby through everything! I will be praying for ya'll!!

  5. Your baby girl is absolutely beautiful.

    You are most definitely in my prayers as I know you have challenges ahead of you.

    But wow! She looks amazing!

    Dropping by . . .


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