Monday, March 30, 2009


Ok, so I will be changing my blog name soon.. As you see it is not very original anyway.. When I made this blog my intentions were to keep family and friends updated on Bentley now and while we are in the hospital during her OHS (open heart surgery). When I started my blog I did not know anything about blogger and I definitely did not think I would meet so many new great and amazing people. I am so thankful and blessed that I have found you all.. and I hope I get to meet many more of you!

Now about the new name... I am needing a little help. I want it to be something cute and original. I don't think I want it to have our last name in it... and I am stuck.. I think it would be cute to have "heart" in it for the obvious reasons.. but if you are new here "heart=love" and "heart=Bentley's heart" but I can't think of anything.. For example.. "I heart my family".. "I heart my kids" ok so I am not so creative when coming up with things like this. ha. That is why I am asking for your help!! Do you have any ideas? I want to hear!!! Even if you don't add "heart" but think of something cute, share it with me.. even if you have never commented, share it with me, even if you are completely new to my blog, share it with me!! You are all so great!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

PS.. My sisters and Mom are working on a project for Bentley, I don't want to give details just yet.. BUT if I do decide to go with one of your ideas, I will send you (the person with the chosen name) a little somethin' when they are finished! It's not a big "thing" but the reason behind it is "HUGE" and am so "IN LOVE" with it..


  1. I'm new here. I think i've only posted maybe once before, but I thought I'd offer up a suggestion about a new blog name. What about "Bloggin' from the Heart" or "Typed from the Heart"?

  2. How about SWEET HEART Bentley?

  3. I like the Kelly's that says "Typed from the heart" could also do "spoken from the heart" "Memories of the heart" "Our Heart-felt memories"...I think I am about like you with not being too creative hahaha!!!! I hope your little project is what you talked to me about the other day ;o) I can't wait to hear more!!!!!! :)

  4. How about something like:
    straight from my heart
    matters of my (or the)heart
    forever in my heart
    my heart's desire

    those are just a few that popped into my head. If I think of anything else, I'll let you know!

  5. I'm not very good with names either. I see so many cute blog names out there and I always have blog title envy! ha!

    How bout "Hearty Happenings" (like hardy)
    "Blogging through our hearts"
    "Staying at home with my Hearts"

    Thats all I could think of but maybe something about those might give you or someone else an idea.

  6. Hey!! I got your message this morning, but this is my ALL recess duty and NO break day ~ until right now! :) So, in answer to your question, I'm not sure, but I can totally find out for you. :) I'll see what I can come up with!

    Now, as far as a new name:

    "Make Our Hearts ~ Your Home"
    "We Welcome You, with Love, Into Our Hearts"
    "Keeping You Close at Heart"

    I'll keep thinking, but those are just a few!
    Off to respond to people about Stellan!
    We'll talk later!

    Love and Blessings,
    Jess :)

  7. One more:

    "Our Hearts Unfold Before You"

  8. Keeping up with HER heart.

    Following HER heart.....

    He's got her whole HEART in His hands.

    Blessed be the heart of Bentely

    Follower Her heart, as we follow Him, and you too shall be blessed.

    Ill keep posting as I think of them.... I love being creative like this.

  9. I really like the

    Follow Her heart, as we follow Him, and you too shall be blessed.

    The follow Her heart (keeping up with the updates on Bentley's heart)

    As we follow Him, (because you are putting your trust in HIM with her heart) Its your way of testimony for God's love and grace to your little girl.

    And You too shall be blessed (meaning that anyone that follows a person heart of Gods WILL ALWAYS be blessed)..

  10. Open Hearts, New Journeys

    Cuddled Heart Diaries (A Play with CHD)

    Crystal's Heart Diaries (Another Play with CHD)

    I'll think of more when Matt goes to bed. Good Luck!


  11. Wow, these are all really good! I like "The Heart Diaries" or "Straight From The Heart" You could also go to and type in "heart" in the search engine, and see what bible verses come up with the word or subject "heart" in it. It might spark some great ideas.

  12. Wow.. I'm not creative when it comes to this. Let's see. You could google heart and see what comes up? Home is where the "heart" is?

    I've been meaning to change our name too... I don't like our last name OUT there everywhere. Then I figure.. Simmons.. there are a TON of them out there! I like the new name idea.

    Praying for Bentley's upcoming surgery!

  13. "Heart" Knocked Life

    Heartful Helpings

    Bentley's Heart To Mommy's Heart

    True Confessions of a Tiny Heart, With Big Hopes

    Bentley's Heartbeats

    Okay, need more coffee for new ideas! LOL!


  14. Ooops I meant Bently's Heart Upbeats (Like Updates, get it? huh? huh HAHA!). LOL! Sorry.


  15. I like Misty's Following Her Heart! So cute...

    I'm so thankful I found your blog. I'm praying for Bentley!

  16. I like "Tiny Heart, Big Hopes" and "Follow Her heart, as we follow Him, and you too shall be blessed". I am not creative either! Still praying for Bentley.

  17. Oh, I came up with a new one last night.


    Sweet Heart(s)

    I thought of Heart Stings

  18. I just read someone put "Home is where the Heart is" I really like that one....there are tons of good ones, I will be curious as to what you end up with :) :) I know you can make something so perfect!!!! ;)

  19. With every beat of our hearts!


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