Sunday, March 29, 2009


Not Me! Monday, Stellan Style! Check other Not Me! Monday, Stellan Style here.

My heart broke when I first heard about Stellan. I am a heart mom myself so to see anyone else struggle with this it hurts, badly. So because of this..

♥ I did not break down and cry.. I mean bawl when I read that first post and EVERY post!

♥ I did not make Stellan a prayer button, so everyone could show their love and support.

♥ I did not get so excited I jumped up and down when I received personal emails from MckMama regarding the prayer button, she is amazing, and inspires me in so many ways.

♥ I did not love every single picture she posted of sweet Stellan nor those precious dimples!

♥ I do not refresh my computer a thousand times a day anxiously awaiting for a new update.

♥ I do not pray for this sweet sweet boy and his beautiful family EVERY day!!!

UPDATE: I just read on my seet friend Misty's blog Stellan is in Critical Condition. PLESE PRAY!


  1. Thank you for the button... How amazing to be able to use your talents to make something so simple that holds so much power. And I totally agree, getting a personal email or Tweet for MckMama is so NOT cause for excitement.

  2. Thanks Crystal for reminding me. I was going to blog about my ever so lazy Sunday, but saw this on your blog... so I posted mine.

    Many kisses and hugs to your beautiful children especially Baby Bentley!


  3. What a great idea! I have to go work now....but I know what I need to write this evening!


  4. I KNEW that was you who made the button! You're awesome.

  5. It's a beatiful button and I've seen it everywhere! I'm right there with you waiting for updates on that beautiful boy.

  6. i'm so happy to have your prayer button at the top of my blog. i wish i knew how to design those!
    what a sweet post!

  7. what a beautiful post sweetie :)


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