Sunday, April 19, 2009


Happy Birthday baby boy.. I mean.. big boy! So my son turned big 8 today. I love this boy more than words can describe, he is our one and only boy and he is definitely a mama's boy. I heart that! He is such an amazing child and anyone and everyone that knows him, can tell you just how well behaved he is and just good over all.. I am so proud of this boy, in every way. I cannot even begin to tell you how happy he makes me. We have such a special bond and I am so grateful for that, he knows he can tell me everything and he does and that makes my heart smile. He has always been this way and I hope it stays this way.. Bryson's birthday party is next weekend, so today we went out to eat with family and friends and opened a few presents. He enjoyed every minute of it! And I enjoyed watching his sweet smile all day!

Aside from Bryson's birthday dinner tonight, we had a very fun weekend full of nothing but spending time with the kids and hanging out with our best friends (Brittany and Justin). We tend to get so busy with life we find it hard to make time for our friends. This is something we need to work on because we have such a blast every time we are together, and it is so important to have that. Brittany and I have been best friends for about 8 years now. She has been such an amazing friend and so great with Bentley (and all my children), so supportive. She is helping me with Bentley's Bracelets and she also has many other things in the works that I will soon post about. She has 2 children (Casen and Presley - love em') and our kids get along very well and are great friends. I am so blessed to have such a great friend in my life. Ryan my husband and Justin Brittany's husband are also great friends.. we all went to school together but didn't get close until right after I graduated. So our weekend was full of fun and laughs!! Thanks Brittany, can't wait until next time!!

Happy Birthday Baby, I love you!!!

Silly boy...

Casen and Bryson

Presley and Brenna

Bryson and Casen

Listening to everyone sing.. he picks this place every year on his birthday.. only for the ice cream.

Casen and Bryson

Presley, Brenna, and Skyler (my niece)
Not exactly sure what they were doing..

Casen and Brenna (3 months apart)

Presley, Brenna, Skyler

My best friend Brittany and Miss Bentley

Justin, Brittany, and Bentley baby


  1. Happy Birthday big boy!!!! My oldest Lucas who is also eight recently got the guitar hero for ds and he loves it!!!

    Glad you guys had a great weekend..such a cute pic with your friend and Bentley!

  2. Happy 8th Birthday to your sweet boy!!!! I'm glad ya'll had a great weekend! I love looking at all your pics, your kidos and Brit's kidos are so adorable!!!! Hope you have a wonderful week sweetie!!!

  3. Wow 8 yrs old!! All the kiddos look so cute!

  4. Happy Birthday! What a fun time you guys had.

  5. Happy Birthday to Bryson! Will the bracelets be coming soon? Have a beautiful day momma! =)

    Sarah Barrett

  6. Happy Birthday to Bryson!!! Love the pics... looks like everyone had a great time:)Hope you have a great day..


  7. Happy Birthday Bryson... It's great to be EIGHT!! Did you know you're 1/2 way to 16 and then you can drive! :)

  8. Your son is so adorable! I hope I have a momma's boy next! It is so wonderful that you have such good friends with kids so close in age!

  9. soo stinking precious:) he is adorable:) I love all the new pictures!
    Also, love the new button:) I need to change mine out:)
    Also, I know I told you I wanted some bracelets but how do I pay for them????


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