Wednesday, April 22, 2009


  • Sorry I have been MIA. We are now just 4 weeks away from Bentley's surgery and if we are not at practices or games, we have been trying to mark things off our to-do list for May 20, surgery.
  • 1 Shipment of Bentley's Bracelets have arrived and on on their way to you. If your bracelets were not shipped with this shipment, our second shipment will be here by Friday and they are definitely with that one and will be shipped out as soon as they arrive. Sorry for the delay, the bracelet company ran into some problems.
  • I will be taking Bentley to the Dr. later this week to check her weight and oxygen, updates on that soon. But she is doing wonderfully. Actually, so wonderful.. there was a "first" yesterday.. I'll post later with pictures.. it's hard to believe because she is so darn tiny but this girl has proven to be one of the strongest, inside and out. Such a miracle. Any guesses what the "first" might be?
  • There is still something fun coming to announce.. remember the boutique that has contacted us in hopes to help Bentley? We should hear something soon and I will let you know. There have also been a couple of other boutiques that have contacted us so might be more news coming.. not sure yet. And last but not least, my best friend Brittany has been working on some things to help Bentley with, we will be announcing that soon as well.
  • Twitter coming soon.
  • Do any of you know where to buy some cute leg warmers for Bentley? I believe this will be about the only thing she will be able to wear in the hospital, for the first few days anyway. I have came across them before online but do not remember where.

I hope to post again later today with pictures of the kids and Bentley's new "first". If not today, tomorrow. And thank you for your emails, comments, and prayers, please keep them coming. These next few weeks are going to be some of the hardest.


  1. I have never commented before but I was brought here from a website I follow, your daughter is adorable and best of luck with the surgery. In regards to your request for leg warmers, I have seen them at Target oin numerous occasions, hope this helps.

  2. Baby Legs are my favorite and I know Target sells a few patterns of Baby legs in their infant section next to the socks. Or you can buy them from the website. We pray every day for Bentley and your family.

  3. carries the cutest leg warmers for $12 each! Best of luck with the next few weeks, have fun picking out some cute leg warmers for Bentley! God Bless.

  4. Praying for you guys as the next 4 weeks of anticipation is going to make you crazy! I know that I'm going crazy anticipating going to Stanford and that's not for open heart surgery... well, until a heart comes.

    I'm going to say the first is "ma-ma", eating or crawling. I'm sure I'm WAY off!

  5. I cant believe the surgery is ONLY 4 weeks away! We'll be praying for Sweet Bentley and for your entire family.

    I saw cute leg warmers at Pumpkin Patch and Target.

    I'm excited about twitter... I'm looking forward to staying touch with Bentley's progress.

    Will you be putting another order in for bracelets as well?


  6. target has baby legs in there baby sock and shoe aisle you can also type in baby legs on google and find some there.

  7. I'll be praying for Bentley and her upcoming surgery. I'll also keep you and your husband and other kids in our prays too.
    Bentley is adorable!

    You're from TX right? Where? There is a town called Canton (hopefully not too far from you) that sales all kinds of thing and they always have baby things. I know they have baby legs


  8. Target has babylegs in the baby section near the socks/onesies packaged.

    Continuing to pray for Bentley...can't wait to hear what her first was either!!!!!!

  9. Hey honey, I am continuing to pray for Miss Bentley.

    Ya'll are always in my thoughts and I can't wait to get my bracelets so I can show them off with pride and LOTS of prayers!!!

  10. Just thinking of you guys today.

    Many prayers.

  11. I saw your comment on Shannon's blog...
    BABYLEGS! best little leg warmers ever. :)

  12. There is an etsy shop, that has really cue leg warmers. www

  13. can't wait to see you on twitter. Let me know when you are up. Jessica247. You are in my prayers.


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