Thursday, April 23, 2009


So here it is! Here is Bentley's newest "first"... on Tuesday, April 21, 2009...

(We did not talk in this video so you can hear Bentley grunting while working so hard. And yes, daddy is holding the walker so it does not roll. Also, notice daddy on the floor wearing one of Bentley's Bracelets! If you have not received yours yet, chances are it will ship out tomorrow.)

She is my little big girl. I was amazed when Bentley did this, it came unexpected. A little less than a week before she was pulling up on her knees, but I kept telling myself she is just too small, there is no way. Her little legs are TINY. She is smaller than most 8 month olds.. We are going to get weighed tomorrow so I will update you on just how little big she really is. This is due to her heart working extra hard. Once the surgery is complete, she should pack on some pounds. But I have to say, I am in total shock and so proud of her. To let you know just how amazing this is.. Bentley cannot hold her own bottle yet.. she sits a little I just don't think she likes it much so she doesn't do that too often, she gets around everywhere but mostly from scooting.. crawling a little but more of a scoot/crawl, so considering everything she does and does not do, we think this is pretty amazing. Over all Bentley is a very mobile baby, she is always on the go and she goes where ever she wants weither I like it or not. She does not let her heart hold her back. As far as her not holding her bottle yet.. I'm beginning to wonder if she really can't or if she just thinks she is hot stuff and someone needs to do it for her. ha. Either way, I happily hold her bottle, after all she deserves to be rotten. So this is just one more thing to add to our list of reasons to be oh so proud of this little big girl!


  1. Awe thanks for sharing this.... this is the first video I have seen on your blog, so for me it was a FIRST. AND a first that really helps to put things in real perspective. You forget just how small they are just by viewing pictures. But when you see a baby in real motion like in this video and have kids of young age also, you are quickly reminded and flashes of your own child. My heart breaks to know what she is about to go through in the next month. I just want to wrap her up and protect her. Today, she was saying to mommy and daddy "don't under estimate me, for dynamite comes in small packages". Way to go Bentley. Morgan still gets up on her toes as Bentley was and I am always afraid she is too heavy and big to be on her feet and ankles like that.

    Funny as daddy was holding the walker, yesterday Morgan was standing up pushing hers exercauser around. It doesn't have wheels it is a stand still one. So she would scoot it across the marble floor and then take a couple of steps. Any day now she will walk and I will be share a first.

    Have a good friday.

  2. Wow, that is amazing! Thanks for sharing this wonderful first. She is quite determined!

  3. Hooray Bentley!!!!! I was watching her pull herself up and was amazed that she could do that as small as she is right now. Her legs are absolutely adorable...the cutest thing ever! I feel horrible for what you guys are going to have to endure in a month..I'll be praying for your entire family..especially Bentley during that time. She's a strong little girl and is incredibly blessed to have all of you in her life! Thanks for allowing me to follow along on Bentleys journey.

  4. WAY TO GO!! Owen can't even do that at 15 months... we're working on it though. I love the grunting.... definetly a cardiac baby. SO glad you go that on video... so much fun!

  5. WTG Bentley! She's doing more than my daughter at 12 mths. Does Bentley give lessons?;)

  6. i am so proud of bentley, i remember how exciting this is! what a big girl! she is so sweet, i cant wait to get my bracelets! much love.

  7. That video just made me tear up! So precious!

  8. Good Job Bentley!!!! Judging by her grunting, she's one determined little Mama!

    BTW! I'm lovin' the song on the walker :D


  9. That's AWESOME! Way to go sweet angel!! I know that you make your mommy & daddy very proud! =)


  10. ahhh soo stinking cute:)
    Love that you got it on video:)
    So presh!
    Also, I still need your address so I can send you a check for the bracelets:)

  11. Hey, My Bentley button hasn't changed... HMMM

  12. Yay! Go Bentley, you clever clever girl!


  13. That's awesome!! Our little Kara has had skinny little legs like that since birth, and doesn't have any heart issues. She will be 2 yrs old on July 13th, and still can wear 12 month clothing! Her weight is maybe 21 lbs. Bentley is beautiful and I will be praying for her upcoming surgery to go perfectly!

    Kathy Lang

  14. Just stumbled across your site and I'm honored to join those praying for Bentley. She's a precious girl and I know you are SO proud of her!
    Praise God for being asymptomatic!!
    Heather and co. :D

  15. I just began following your sweet Bentley's story here about a month ago.. I don't think I have ever left a comment. Just wanted to tell you that I loved the video, she is a cutie and that is so exciting to see! We are praying for her in SC and believing for things to go awesome in May!
    I also LOVE the sign you put above her crib! Did you find that somewhere or have it made? One last thing... where did you get the cute headband/bow she is wearing in the bracelet button?? love that too... We just had our first girl after 2 boys.. so she is quite the princess of this home, and we are having soo much fun with all the girly stuff!! (:
    Keeping you all in Prayer-

  16. She is so cute! I can't believe she can already pull up!

  17. That video brought such a huge grin to my face. I miss those days as I have a 16 month old. How time flies when they are little.

    I will now add your baby girl to my prayer list.



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