Monday, May 25, 2009


It's me.. Crystal! I have a minute so I wanted to post a quick update.

BIG HUGE thanks to Brittany for helping me out with the last two. She will be posting again this evening (I think)because we have our hands full right now. Bentley is doing absolutley AMAZING. I know that the last post is not showing up in the dashboard (for some).. so if you did not read the last post go here to catch up.. it was a GREAT update!

What's going on now... well Bentley is still doing wonderfully. In fact, she medically is ready to be discharged.. but since we are having a couple of problems with keeping milk down and meds.. we must wait until this is under control. So in order for us to be discharged, she will have to gain weight 2 days in a row and take her medicine and keep it down. Once these are acheived we will them move to a nearby hotel until her follow up and they release her to go home (which is 7 days). PRAISE GOD for such a healthy recovery from her heart surgery!

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