Saturday, June 27, 2009


WOW, the heat here has been pretty tough lately. The past few days we have been seeing 105 and 106.. today I think it got up to about 105 and we were in it for HOURS (6 to be exact) during Bryson's track meet. It is so bittersweet.. these track meets are tons of fun, so exciting for him, he just loves it... just a little too hot. But we tough it out, just one of those crazy things we (as in all of us) parents do for our kids. Today Bryson ran:

50M - 3rd place
400M relay - 2nd place
100M - 3rd place
200M - 4th place

Trying to keep my baby as cool as we can....

Again, trying to stay cool. ha! Watching other races, he is so darn serious!!

Bryson with the other boys on the relay team warming up... this is one of his favorite things to do. You have to try out to be on the relay team and last year there were just a couple boys who beat him to it, but this year he did it! He made the relay team.. it is a total confidence booster, which I think makes him like it even more. No track meet next weekend, then the next week is regionals... if you make top 4 in your event then you will go to state. So we'll see!!! Bentley stayed with Nanna (my mom) today and Brenna decided to stay with her too. They were exhausted when we got home.. we all were.

This heat does not only affect our track meets, it is a daily thing... since it has been so hot, we have been left with nothing to do but stay inside. It's hard to even go swimming.. pool water even turns hot here. ha!!! What makes it even worse is that June is not our hottest month.. July and August are even hotter. I am about to start googling lots of inside activities. ha!!!

So how is the weather where you live? I know it is not only this hot where we live...


  1. We live in Valencia, CA and it was about 100 degrees. We stayed in air conditioning till we had to leave for a wedding and my mom took our boys to the local park at 7 p.m. LOL!

  2. Oh man. That's crazy hot!


  3. Crystal,
    I know this heat is sweltering! The other day I took my granddaughters to the pool and it was 107 on my car temp when we got done.

    I wrote a poem about the rain, cool me off! Ha! It actually did rain, and it felt so nice while it lasted,...but then it was so humid I about died!

    Bryson looks so determined in that picture. Oh, and I am glad that you had umbrellas to keep out of the direct sunlight. Heat can really make ya sick!

    I'll bet Grandma had fun with the girls. Glad Bentley is doing so well.

    Continued prayers,
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  4. I am dreading August---like you said this normally is one of the cooler summer months. -Scary-

    Way to go Bryson!!!! He is a trooper for doing good while it's so hot!!!!

    Glad everything is going great--still think about ya'll and pray for ya'll daily :)

    Love-Hugs and Prayers-

  5. It's hot here too although compared to where you are it might be a nice cool off. We're in the mid 90s right now and right out in the middle of it like you guys are. Baseball games and practices are keeping us busy in the heat right now. Congrats to Bryson...I have a feeling he'll get past regionals :)

  6. WOW. That is crazy. I live in Chicago and I don't think I've ever felt 107 degrees!!! When it gets up 90 here we think it's crazy! And that only happens a few days out of the year....

  7. of course we are living in the same sweltering heat that you are. Phoenix gets up to 115ish during July-Aug and usually won't get below triple digits until at least October (if we're lucky). I LOVE IT. I can't believe that Bryson can run in the heat...amazing!!

    We live indoors from 11-5. If the kids want to swim, it has to be during those times. The heat isn't such a bad trade off because we aren't out plowing snow the rest of the year! :)

  8. Girl, I hear ya!! We were at the pool yesterday and it was so stinking hot IN the water. Bracing myself for July & August!

    Way to go, Bryson!! Can't wait to hear more on this. How cute is that picture of him and his relay buddies...PRICELESS!

  9. Too hot, that is what the weather is like in Atlanta GA!!! You guys are all definitely troopers to stay out in the hot sun for that long. I can't believe they don't move the track meets inside somewhere but I guess you have to have an indoor arena to do that huh? I feel for you in July and August, it is the same way here, very hot. Try and keep as cool as possible and stay hydrated. Good luck to Bryson on his upcoming track meets!

  10. Here in Miami, its been in the high 90's. The humidity is what makes it unbareable. We actually broke heat records here this past week. I can't imagine what the rest of the summer has in store for us...

    Try to keep cool and hydrated!

  11. I can't believe how hot it must be out at the track meets! Yay to Bryson for doing so well!

    I completely am with you 100% about staying inside! It's been probably right around 100 here in Houston this week and I'm trying to think of things to do without them being outside things too. Let me know if you think of any good ideas! :)

  12. Yeah, if we are outside it's because we're in the pool! I'm in Central Florida and is has been SO hot. It's finally cooling down (to the 90's) and we've been getting storms everyday.

  13. Holy Hot Batman. Wow. It was only in the 80's here in Va. today...and in Michigan where we live. Tomorrow it will be in the 90's. I can't even imagine 100s . Yikes.
    Stay cool my friend.

  14. I'm in Arkansas and we never have temps this high this early in the summer, dosn't look good for us!Going to be a long....humid ...summer

  15. Here in Oregon, we are in the lower 80's. I can't even imagine running or let alone being outside for so long in the 100's. That is just so stinking HOT! We are going to be climbing in the upper 90's this week. I think everyone is in for a hot summer!
    Glad to hear that your family is doing well. Thanks for keeping us posted!

  16. I am with you, I am not looking forward to July & August. I was so excited last night when I watched the 7 day forecast and it showed mid 90's all week. YEAH for a cold front... lol :)

  17. We are in central OK and it hit 107 on Saturday. I am NOT looking forward to July or August. YUCK!

  18. yesterday we hit 109 here in fresno and today is supposed to be the same. it's supposed to "cool down" to the low 100's this week and hopefully be right at 100 for the 4th of july. it will be getting hotter in the next month or two as well. i keep thinking about the outdoor wedding my husband has to wear a tux in on august 2nd at 5pm. oh those poor boys!


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