Monday, June 8, 2009


We have had a blessed weekend full of swimming, baseball, and spending family time with Bentley at home since she is not allowed to go anywhere. Bryson's team did wonderful but did not win their last game, in this tournament you have to "not win" twice before you are out.. so his next game is tonight.

Remember that beautiful park I mentioned while we were in Houston for Bentley's surgery. Here are a few photos. I am not sure of the name, but I am sure some of my Houston bloggin' friends could help me out with it...

First up.. Miss Bentley and I absolutley LOVE it.

Going for a stroll in the park... she loved it. She has always loved being outside.

The one and only time I could get her to look at me for a picture.

Here is the front of the park, it's on a corner.. very close to Texas Children's Hospital. Have I mentioned how wonderful they are? So thankful God led us here.. we were very close to going to another location, but for the first 5 months of Bentley's life I have thought about this place. At 5 months we took a huge jump.. and setup an appointment. We fell in love immediately! Texas Children's Hospital is such an amazing place!!!

Ahhh, so peaceful..

Can't see them great here, but waterfalls on each of these...

Further into the park were these fountains.. many of them..

Beside the fountains.. this seating area..

Notice the roof of the seating area..

The seating area above was on both sides of the fountains..
We love being outside.. it's such a beautiful thing to see all that God has created.

Here is a photo of Bryson and Brenna at the same park. My parents and the kids stopped by there one night after leaving the hospital. You can see the waterfalls behind them.

A quick update on Bentley.. nothing has changed. She still has the cough and runny nose, still no fever. I don't think that it has gotten better, but it has not gotten worse so we are grateful for that. Bentley's recovery is still going well.

Also, one of my dad's best friends passed away this past weekend. Please keep the family and friends of him in your prayers. The loss of his friend was unexpected. My dad is one of the strongest people I know, but he is very hurt and I can see it. He tries to hide the pain, but we can all see the pain in his eyes, it breaks my heart.

I think this post concludes all the updates from Houston.. I have so many more pictures to update since Houston. Lots of summer fun coming!!


  1. yeah way to go mama with the camera? what type of camera do you shoot with . it aslo helps when you have such beautiful subjest to photograph like your loved one your kids and nice sceanery is'nt bad ... glad that all is well with you all . love the cast up post and will pray for your son and his team tonight that they indeed hit glory anf they win . keep us posted .... hugs and many blessings michelle lee.

  2. That park looks amazing!!! One of our fellow heart transplant friends is being transferred from UofM to Texas Childrens in the next week. Sofi received her heart a few weeks ago and her diaphram is not working properly and now she needs a trach. I told her she'd be in great hands at Texas Children's! :)

    Sorry to hear that Bentley still have that yucky cold.. hopefully she'll fight it off soon and feel better.

  3. Gosh, that almost doesn't even look like a place in the US! Very beautiful.

    Glad Bentley is recovering well, Praise God! I'm sorry to hear about your dad's friend. Life sure is tough...

    Speaking of awful, have you read the latest post on little April's blog? My mind just CANNOT comprehaend why and how people can be so crue and heartless. I don't know why but it made me think of you...I hope you've never gotten hateful comments/emails. NO parent ever deserves that. Lots of love to you,

  4. DearCrystal, thanks for posting these beautiful pictures of Bentley,.....and also of the park that was nearby the hospital. I am glad that you had a nice, tranquil place to visit while you were in the middle of your trial.

    I am glad that Bentley is not running a fever and that her doctor said she is doing good. I am praying that the cough and runny nose will go away.

    Now that it is summer you all can be a family and spend time together. I pray for happy, fun times at home while Bentley is recovering. She is a sweet miracle baby!

    Thanks for the update.

    Hang in there. God is in control.

    Love, Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  5. Oh wow what a beautiful park.. Great photos!

  6. Sounds like life is returning to normal... what a blessing! Hope that the little miss gets well soon :) She is SUCH a cutie!

  7. At least she doesn't have a fever which is certainly good news. I hope that her recovery continues to improve each and every day! Blessings,

  8. Love the pix, girl! Your family is too precious! Still praying for sweet Bentley....HUGS!

  9. Love the pics. So glad life is getting back to normal for you. I am so happy everything is over with, don't you feel like 100 lbs was lifted off your shoulders?!

  10. Great pictures. THat park is gorgeous. Hope Bentley gets better soon.

  11. Hey Crystal...great pictures. That part is just beautiful. I will continue to pray that Bentley gets well soon and that the Lord will give your Dad peace and comfort with the passing of his friend.

    Love ya,

  12. Thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures! Sorry to hear about your Dad's friend. I will pray for them.

  13. Still praying for Bentley and loving all the adorable pictures!!

  14. I was shocked to see this park (no idea what the name is) but that is where my husband and I used to eat lunch every once in awhile when we were in college! He eventually proposed to me there!! I should definitely find out the name!!!

    Still praying for Bentley!!!


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