Saturday, June 6, 2009


Sorry I did not post yesterday, a sick baby sure keeps you busy... day and night. So this will be a quick one. Bentley is still sick, but the good news is that there is still no fever. I was given the okay, and I have started giving her a little medicine to hopeful speed this yucky stuff up. Aside from that.. still recovering beautifully from her heart surgery. What can I say.. I much rather deal with a cold over the million things that could have gone wrong during surgery or recovery. What a blessing!

Lastnight we had fun at Bryson's game.. they won, but it was bittersweet. We played against one of his friends he has played soccer with since they were 4. We play again tonight. Brenna is already asking when the next tball season is, ha. We have a while but her next thing up is soccer in fall and she absolutely loves it! So that is something exciting to look forward to. Oh and that she will be starting kindergarten.. well that is something for her to look forward to.. she is super excited and I am super depressed.. ha!! No, I know she is so ready.. I will probably have a crying fit like I did with Bryson, but she is ready..

Now.. to the winner of one of Bentley's engraved tile.. Shannon with Sunshine and Open Hearts please email me at with your email and I will send your contact information to Kaye with Engraved Euniques so you can receive your new tile!!! These are so awesome.. I always loved them, since I first came across them.. but to see one in person.. my goodness!! They are very nice, very!!!!

I hope to post again tonight.. with pictures. Maybe more catch up photos from Houston. Bentley's scar is looking better by the day. I still need to take pictures to post but hopefully will have this up early next week. Oh and her dancing.. she does it all the time now, just a matter of catching it on video. It is darling!!

Oh, and please add baby Lindsay to your prayers. She received a new heart a couple of days ago. What a miracle baby she is!!!


  1. congrats to Shannon and Bentley is in my prayers.

  2. Hoping that Bentley is feeling better!

  3. Love Shannon...she's a sweetheart! Congrats girl!

    I think Brenna and Jacob must be the same age because he's starting kindergarten this coming year also. I'm alittle in denial about it but he needs the socialization right now more than anything.

    Praying for Bentley...glad you were able to give her something. I wasn't sure if you would be able to or not but hopefully that'll do the trick to get her over the hump.

    I have been following Lindsay jaw fell open when I heard that her heart was on the way...she's such an adorable little girl!

  4. Still praying for your little miracle baby - Bentley has just stolen my heart and she is on my mind constantly. I will be praying that the little droopy face turns into a smiling happy face!

  5. How is Bentley doing? Just checking in on her. I am still praying for her. Your blog friend from Atlanta GA


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