Saturday, June 13, 2009


We had our first track meet today. Although it was LOTS of fun.. it was REALLY hot.. and long! 100 degrees to be exact. WOW!!! Bryson did just wonderful... so PROUD of this little boy!!!

He is running his little heart out in the 400' here...

Here Bryson is getting ready to take off running the 50' ...

Here Bryson is finishing the 50'... in SECOND place!

Showing us his ribbon for the 5o'...

Next up is the 100'...

and here is another from the 400'...

after one race... checking his ribbon out!
So Bryson ran 3 races today...
50' - 2nd place
100' - 2nd place
400' - 4th place

We are so proud of him. He did awesome!! Bryson actually made the 100' relay team this year, but one of the other boys were injured so we have to wait until next week for that. He will also be switching out the 400' for the 200' from now on... He would do them all if he could, but we have decided to let him choose his favorite 4. I have never heard of track for kids until last year.. it was our first year for Bryson and he loved it and decided to give it a go again! We love it we really do, but I wish so bad that it was a little ealier or a little later. It just gets so hot here and track just started and goes into the peak of the summer here (super hot!!!). Since we have been somehwhat cooped up in the house from Bentley's recovery, we just haven't sat out in the sun all day like we did today.. result of this.. we are BURNT! We'll, Ryan and I are burnt. Bryson and Brenna were covered in sun block and it really helped. They are not burnt at all. But (shame on me) Ryan and I did not wear any, and we are now paying for it. ugh!! No one likes sun burn, I know.. but I really just want to lay here and cry. ha. So I have a question for you..

Does anyone have any remedies, cream, spray, anything.. that would help the pain? ha. I am sort of dreading going to bed, because I just know I will lay there and look at the ceiling all night without moving. I have the usual after sun pain reliever with aloe, blah.. still hurts. No matter how late it is, if you have any ideas.. please let me know.. I will make a during the night trip to walmart if it will make some of this pain go away!!! haha!!! Not really but I will definitely go first thing in the morning!!

And I bet you are wondering where Bentley was while we were sitting in 100 degree weather all day.. she was enjoying herself in some cool air conditioning at Nana's house (my mom). It's safe to say that Bentley will not be attending any of Bryson's track meets this year.

So , please!! If you know any sun burn remedies... help a sista' out!!!


  1. Aloe vera gel does wonders for a sun burn & you can put it on as often as you feel like.

  2. I use milk compresses when I get really bad sunburnt!! Here is a website that talks about a few different things to help.
    Hope this helps!!

  3. If you blister, don't forget to put an antibiotic on it a few times a day. Hope you feel better soon.

  4. I know it sounds wierd, but Vinegar. My mother always used it on us when we were little with sunburns. I add a cup or two to bath water, (it's cheap and i also use it for cleaning, so I buy the gallon jugs). Or you can use it as a compress while in the shower. After that, like someone else suggested, aloe vera gel does very well. I've never found anything that completely takes the pain away, though...
    here's some links:
    (this site has a few other tips, too)

    Good luck!

  5. Okay so who has track meets in the SUMMER? Apparently all you folks and I never heard of that.

    But look at that little phasic. (sp?) Little muscled arms.

    Love watching them do stuff like this. Unfortunately, at my sons "private" school, they are in the err where there are no winners or loser or second place ribbons. It sort of stinks....

    So I went to his field day at school only to see that they were put in groups and your group at the end of it all got ribbons as a group of first, second, third all the way to 7th.

    Look how proud he looks.

    That is why we have Hunter in travel hockey and baseball outside of this "no body loses or wins" private school.

  6. HOW FUN! He looks so stinking cute running his little heart it! Thanks for sharing! And I am sorry you guys are remedies here, but I'll say a prayer for a quick recovery! HUGS!

  7. How about Solarcaine or Dermoplast spray? It always seems to take the edge off for me. Hope that helps a little. **Cindi**

  8. I have done the vinegar and it works! BUT we did ours differently. I was visiting relatives in Pensacola and took a 2 mile walk down the beach at high noon... I thought I would NEVER be able to bend my knees again! I just didn't think to put sunscreen on the BACK of my legs!

    So... you take a brown paper bag and cut into strips. Soak in vinegar and put it on the affected area. Now the key is... ALLOW this to DRY on your skin. It will stink to high heaven but it helps to draw out the heat and open your pores so that the heat escapes quicker.

    I have also made TEA. SEVERAL tea bags. They say the tea water should be nearly chocolate in color. Then dip the brown paper bag strips in the tea and allow those to dry on your skin.

    My relatives in FL said that if you do the vinegar first ... it will draw the sun out... do that for the first 24 hours. THEN when you are not "burning" anymore but your are STIFF and things like shirts feel like brillo pads... THEN use the tea to moisturize the skin and continue the healing process!


  9. Oh my....I am surprised they would have it in the heat of the Summer! Ouch! He looks so proud of his accomplishment! Yay Bryson!!

    Sorry, I don't have any advice for the sunburn, but I hope it's feeling better soon! :)

  10. Hi Crystal,
    It's so nice to meet you! Thank you very much for visiting my blog and your kind words. I really appreciate it. You're always welcome anytime.

    I'm so sorry to read about Bentley's upcoming surgery. I hope all goes well for her. You have been blessed with gorgeous children. I will add her to my prayers for sure.
    ~Blessings to you.

    Have a wonderful evening.
    ~Warmly, Melissa :)

  11. Oops! Crystal I just realized Bentley has already had her heart surgery and is doing well.

    What a true blessing! ;)

  12. Hi Crystal! I haven't commented before, but my family has been praying for Bentley! She is such an awesome little girl!!

    This is the advice of a pale, pigmentally-challenged Texas girl: The vinegar works well. I have also poured oatmeal in a cool bath just to moisturize and soothe the skin. And lastly, this sounds so weird, but trust me, it works...Noxema facial cleanser!! Just slather it on and rinse it off when it starts to dry. It just pulls the heat out of the skin and feels sooooooo amazing!

    I hope you feel better soon!


  13. I dont' have any remedies. Sorry...but I have heard that the above ones do help. Good job Bryson!

  14. Love the pictures!

    I think the other posters have given some great advice but I want to add take Motrin - you hurt because your skin is inflamed and the Motrin will help to reduce the inflammation!

  15. What a lil' cutie!I've got my fingers crossed for a boy this time,but we'll gladly take another little princess too,lol!I hope my kids will wanna be involved in sports.Sorry about the sunburn OUCH! You should try the dermoplast spray,its kinda high,but if your in alot of pain it is well worth it!Glad to hear Miss Bentley is doing wonderful still!

  16. Hey!

    I'm a little late to offer sunburn help, but I hope you are feeling better today. I always get the worst sunburns too. I cannot tan, I just go straight to lobster, LOL!

    Loved the pics of Bryson. I'm glad he did so well!!!

  17. VINGEAR GIRL!! My mom just told me about it this past weekend!!!


  18. Vinegar! you can use it as a compress or put it into a warm bath! Works GREAT!

  19. i put my aloe in the fridge, and then it is even better!! Yay for your lil runner:) He won loads of awards!

  20. OH MY GOSH! last summer i was on a medication that made me sensitive to the sun (of course - i didn't know that - who reads that far down on the perscription information...) and i was burnt to a crisp. i had blisters covering p60% of my body. it was terrible. the worst part - i was traveling to England to study at Oxford in less than a week and knew i would be doing LOTS of sitting on planes and WALKING around England. I used all the classic remedies as well as the dermaplast burn spray - but the tea bath really helped the most. i made a bath and threw in i don't know how many tea bags - enough to make the water seriously brown - and stayed there for quite a while. by saturday when i got on the plane, i was walking - i was uncomfortable - but WAY better.
    i'll be praying for you! the sunburns are NO FUN!!

  21. a nurse friend actually told me that babies diaper rash cream works good on a sunburn.

  22. Oh my I know exactly how you're feeling! I just posted last night about my sunburn from Lucas' ballgames this past weekend and Veronica told me I needed to head over here to read your comments :) I'm so far behind on blogging that I haven't even caught up on reading right now...Sounds like Bryson did an awesome job!!!!! Yay!!!! Hope you're feeling better by now!

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