Friday, June 12, 2009


This stuff look familiar? Too familiar to us! Who would have ever thought that after Bentley's heart surgery we would get to go back to Similac Advance. Ahhh, we are loving it!! For those of you that are familar with this knows just how expensive it is...

Bentley had excessive crying and spit up with ALL formula except for this one. With Similac Alimentum, she was a happy baby with a little spit up.. well after her heart surgery (a little over 3 weeks ago) we noticed that she never once spit up.. when she normally does just a little. So a few days ago we thought we would try Similac Advance again... and who would have ever thought that her heart would have been connected to this excessive crying/spitting up/formula issue. Bentley is now back on Similac Advance and doing perfectly!!! YAY!!!

Now for those of you that have to use this formula like we did.. know just how expensive this stuff cost. Bentley would only take the ready to feed which is even more. But I do want to let you know that some health insurances cover a portion of the cost. Ours refused, we even fought it because of Bentley's heart condition.. she did medically need this.. her pediatrician even fought the denial.. but they still refused. So we gave up. But if you have to use Alimentum, I would defintely give your health insurance a call, it would be worth a try!!


  1. If only you lived closer to me!!! I have a few of these left over from Avery and I don't know of ANYONE who needs them :0(

    They are about $10 for a ready to feed....I would hate to have to throw it away :0(

    Your insurance sounds like my insurance....UH!!! We have to get so many medicines pre approved from our insurance company FIRST....It can be really frustrating at times....

    I am thankful that your little girl is back on her Similac.....I pray that she continues to improve!!!

    WAY TO GO BENTLEY!!!!!!!!!!!

    p.s. Bentley was one of the names we had picked out if our Avery was a GIRL.......I love her name!! :0)

  2. I can only imagine how much it cost now days! My a month away from I'm old....had/still has....acid reflux and had to be on an assortment of formulas, I think Nutramagin (sp) was the most expensive for us but he wasnt on it for long, he then went from that to Pediasure, and his insurance paid for it, they even shipped it to the house by the case!

  3. oh I know Alimentum all too well with my second son. He was also on it. Thankfully our pediatrician would send us a case every so often. He threw up every other kind. Congrats on being able to switch to advance. that is what we use with my 10 month old!

  4. Oh girl...I know your pain! My daughter was on Enfamil Nutramigen Formula, which for the 16oz. can costs right at $30. She was on it for 8 months! I cried every week when I had to go buy it! So I can definitely cheer with you for getting to go back to the other formula!

  5. Interesting to know. I didn't know that. Did you doctors office give you lots of samples?

  6. My granddaughter was on Nutramigen and then switched over to Alimentum. We find the ready to feed at Target (East TX) for around $8 a bottle. It is easily TWICE the cost of other formulas. And STINKS to high heaven - poor Emalyn STILL throws up, even though it hs helped her reflux some. Alimentum is working for her better than Nutramigen and hopefully we can switch to Carnation Good Start soon. You should check into WIC - it's income based, but it helps a lot of our clients (at a Pregnancy Center) get their formula or at least offset the cost. You could always check into it!
    Good luck to Bentley - she is a doll!!!

  7. I've been following for a while but never commented until now - I know EXACTLY where you are coming from w/ the Alimentum - My Keller was on it since he was 2 months old (he's now 8 1/2 months). He was diagnosed with a milk protein allergy. My husband was recently laid off so we had to try something else - luckily the Similac Isomil Soy has worked GREAT for the last month and a half. I'm so thankful! Of course we want to do what is best for our babies, and would have kept him on the Alimentum had we needed to, but we're so greatful he's doing excellent with the new stuff!

    Glad little Bentley is doing so well! She's a doll!

  8. Oh, girl!!! You brought back some old memories!! We had to use that on Kole and back then (7 years ago) you had to HUNT for it, not everyone carried it!! And don't even get me started on the cost!! But thankfully, after he had a surgery on his stomach he was able to drink the 'regular' stuff as well! I am so thankful that is one thing you can say GOODBYE too! Still praying for your precious doll! Big HUGS!!

  9. So happy to hear she is doing well. PTL!!!

  10. I saw it when you posted it orginially with all of the Bentley faces.. she cracks me up!!!!

    We tried SIX formulas in the hospital with Owen before they originally discharged him.. we ended up on Pregestemil.. another one of those $50/cans yucky formulas. Our insurance denied us too.. EVEN though he was tube fed.

    I am SO happy that Bentley is doing better on the less expensive formula. I was told even the slightest heart condition affects blood flow to the tummy which makes them sensitive to formulas. So.. there you go!! Her heart must be perfect now! :)

    Here's to cheaper formula!!


  11. Ahh, yes...Alimentum. Trista (our heart baby with TOF too) can only use that formula and I've also tried and my insurance wouldn't cover it either. So frustrating! I feel like to have to work just to buy her formula! UGH!

  12. Morgan could only take in an expensive formula too and we called it "Platinum Formula" it was so expensive. It was Nutramigen by Enfamil.

    Now you know she getting all her iron with this stuff.

    Go Bentley.

    And because I like to stay one step ahead...Ill start praying that she doesn't get constipated. LOL

  13. I'm glad she's back on the regular stuff...nice to be regular,huh?

    When Lucas was a baby he had to have that for a while because his spit up was so bad...and wow I was shocked when I saw how much it was.

    Hope Bentley is doing well!!!! Praying for you all.

  14. Aww that is great news. Way to go Bentley!!! I am sure your pocket book will love that too.

  15. this is all my son could take!!!!

  16. We used Alimentum as well. Also, our insurance denied coverage of it. However, I contacted Apria Healthcare (,2778,,00.html) , a home-health type agency. They coordinated with the doctor and the insurance and it was covered! Only took me 2 phone calls!!! They shipped it monthly!

    Glad Bentley is doing better & at home!

  17. Thanks for commenting on my blog! Your family is beautiful and I will be praying for Bentley's continued recovery! She is a precious!! So glad I found your blog!


  18. I know what you mean about the insurance companys. My daughter is continuously pump fed at night with a special formula that costs 229.00 a case 24 8 oz cans and incurance will not pay for the food but it will pay 100% for the feeding bags and the extensions. Go figure. Good luck with the formula, hey how about asking your pediatrician if he can get you samples? Bentley is just precious. I found your blog through AGD I think.

  19. hi! this is kelly, chd mom to taussig-bing baby (i emailed you recently about website). My daughter could only digest Nutramigen, and that was expensive too! There is something called Vagas Nerve that connects heart and digestive tract (and other things) together, so alot of heart babies have issues with feeding. It may have to do with the Vagas Nerve. Who knows? As long as she keeps gaining weight, I'm all good!


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