Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This is where we spent our weekend... the state track meet was this weekend in San Antonio, Texas at the Alamo Stadium. It was very much a bittersweet family fun filled weekend. Because Bryson was running only in the 400 m relay, we weren't there long and managed to spend some time in town. Since we will not be going on a vacation this summer, we had to make the best of this weekend. And I'd say we accomplished just that. Now you are probably wondering how Bryson and his relay team did.. the answer is AMAZING. What place did they get? They were unfortunately disqualified. There are many many things that can happen for someone or a team to be disqualified and there are normally several teams disqualified because they are such simple mistakes to make. Bryson's relay team has always carried a smooth successful run, but there nerves were on edge Saturday morning, I mean just look how enormous this track is for such small little guys. It was unbelievable. There were 4 different heats Bryson and his team were up against, they ran in the last heat and all the boys got to run.. and out of 32 teams they were in 2nd or 3rd place (from what we saw time wise) BUT the 4th boy running did not grab the baton quick enough so we were disqualified. There is a line on the track, each boy must have their baton before reaching this line and we did not (crazy rule in my opinion, ha). So they really did amazing to be so close, it was just not their time. Bryson puts so much heart into sports, he was torn and upset. We had a nice talk, and he was feeling better shortly after, he is so proud to have made it that far and he now has his mind on his next activity. It was a good learning experience for everyone.. it is such a huge accomplishment to even make it to state.. and well being disqualified for things in track.. it's just part of the game. It happens. I am just so proud of him, he's one awesome boy!!

The Alamo Stadium was huge, very intimidating! (You can click on any of these pictures for a larger view.)

After the relay, we left and went to soak up some San Antonio. My grandfather lived there during my childhood and we would go stay with him every summer. We would do so much while there and it just gives me one of those "good" feelings every time we go back. He is no longer with us, so it's nice to show my kids some of the things he did me when I was little.. it just brings back so many great memories. I know you Texan's will know all about San Antonio and some of you probably will that do not even live here. But it is such a fun place. Above is my little all star on the river walk.. it's such a beautiful place!

Here is Brenna and Bentley at the state track meet, ready to cheer Bryson on.

Brenna posing for me at lunch. What a beauty.

Bentley is trying to figure out what was going on. There was a mariachi band playing at
the table beside us. You know the small band that goes from table to table playing. They do this at just about every resteraunt on the riverwalk.

Riverwalk again. My mom and I were on the top level peaking down on the kids while they were on the lower level with Ryan and my dad.

Bentley relaxing in her stroller. The weather turned out great for us. It would normally be about 105 BUT it was suppose to ran so it was perfect. Not hot and not sunny.

There are huge buildings and hotels all along the riverwalk, it is quite the historic place. I am so bad.. I forgot what this place is but if you look closely and you have to look closely you will see these heads under the windows. Isn't that strange? This building is very old.. and there are more figures like this on the top of the building and when it rains the water comes pours out of their mouths. I just wanted to share it because I have not ever seen anything like it anywhere else.

Another beautiful spot on the riverwalk. We even saw a couple getting married. We were told that there are about 200 weddings a year on the riverwalk. It is a very beautiful place. So if you have never been and are in Texas for any reason, plan a trip to go through San Antonio.

You can see both of Bentley's teeth a lot better here. She did not like being away from home... she was fussy the whole time at the hotel. She did wonderful everywhere else. I don't know what it was, but she just cried when we were there, and woke up every 20 minutes and I am not exaggerating. I felt so bad for her. The only thing I can think is it brought memories back from her open heart surgery and the hospital/hotel stay two months ago. Not sure if that's was it or not, but she wasn't a happy baby. She has been a little fussy in general lately, she seems to be doing great health wise as far as we can see. We are praying for a good report Friday.. our last visit her heart was enlarged a bit and he said he was expected after such a surgery, so hopefully this will be better.

My parents took us to do a couple of things while in San Antonio and I will post those in another post.. this one is a sort of long and I have a ton more pictures to share. I will probably have to post 2 or 3 more so I do not have a picture overload. ;) A hint... believe it or not, wax, zebras, and other wild animals. Lots of family fun...


  1. That sounds like fun! We were supposed to go to San Antonio this Summer but we are running out of time and I don't think we're going to be able to make it this Summer. I love the picture of Bentley wondering what's going on and the last one with her bright blue eyes. That's too bad about the track meet, but I say way to go Bryson! That's awesome to make it that far!

  2. Crystal,
    I hope that Bryson is proud of himself. What a wonderful experience and hopefully he can compete next year. I know you guys are very proud of him and you should be! San Antonio sounds like a fabulous place to visit; hopefully we can visit someday.

  3. Go Bryson! What an awesome achievement! And lovely to see all of the family having fun in the sun. :-)


  4. That is awesome to make state. Good for him. He is so young he will see State many more times for sure.
    Cute pictures and I cannot wait to hear about the rest of the trip.

  5. Bryson, I'm proud of you for even getting on that track, I'd be too intimidated for sure!!! I'm sure you and your team did your BEST and there is always next year! You'll be stronger, faster and ready to conquer that big ol' track!

    I love all the pictures on the riverwalk. Makes me want to take a little trip to San Antonio sometime.

    Can't wait to see more pictures from your trip!

  6. Congrats to Bryson on his track meet! That is awesome! Thanks for dropping by my blog. Have a great week!


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