Friday, July 24, 2009


I have always received many emails from other moms that are going through what I am and have with Bentley.. and dad's too! But more so now than ever.. many of them have just found out such heartbreaking news and are turning to the Internet for research, just as I did.. for hours and hours at a time.. and through the wee hours of the night. These mom's are coming across my blog in the search engine while searching site after site looking for success stories and just a little something that will give them hope, and for so many more reasons.. again just like I did. Many of these moms do not have blogs so they will leave a comment but there is no way I can reply back because I have no return blog or no email address. I really want to reach out to these moms, it is one thing that helped give me hope when I was searching. Also, many of these mom's are not familiar with blogger and the post of mine that usually pops up when they are searching is one of my first few post ever talking about the whole story of how we found out and how torn we were, and they all relate to the way I felt and they tell me it's as if they were looking into a mirror. BUT there are a lot of people not familiar with the way a blog works, so these sweet moms & dads are not aware that Bentley has already had her surgery and she is doing amazing. I want these people to know this because it is "one" thing I continuously searched for. I also want them to know it is okay to email me and ask questions. No heart child is alike, but it sure is nice to have support. I had so many questions and talked to several different "heart moms" in the past and STILL do. So I have decided to add a navigation bar to my blog.. that way they can search around right off and do not have to mess with the archives.

If you have not read my first few post, I can tell you right now.. I had a really hard time with the fact that Bentley had a heart condition and was going to have open heart surgery. I kept it inside for months, we never told anyone.. I did not even tell my own sisters because I literally could not "speak" the words. I did not want to believe what we were going through. Which is crazy because I am so open about it now. Very proud of Bentley!! I could go on and on, but.. one night while I was listening to a Christian radio station, they started talking about "sick" children. And I learned that sometimes when things like this happen, it is because God wants us to reach out and help others. I have always been confused by that until after Bentley's surgery. I see it now.. and I do want to help and be there for others. I am so proud of Bentley, she is one amazingly strong little girl that absolutely melts my heart. God has blessed us in so many ways.. with Bryson, then Brenna, and then Bentley performing miracles one after another. He has really shown us and many others how powerful and amazing He is through our journey.

If you are a heart mom that has been reading, commented in the past, are new here, have questions, anything.. I am here! Just click the button up top to email. Also, I am still working on the navigation it is not all up and running yet but will be in the next few days. If there is something you feel I am leaving out, shoot me an email and I will see about adding it.


  1. You are precious in HIS sight! I love it when God turns it around and uses our struggles to help someone out. It looks like you are doing just that (or rather HE is)!

  2. Hi Crystal! I think I found your blog through kelly's korner, I can't really remember. Anyway just wanted to let you know that what you are doing is AWESOME! As a heart mom myself I have always wanted to reach out to others...but wasn't sure where to start. I have fell in love with the blog is such a wonderful way to connect. I'm more of a silent blogger I don't post on my blog, or usually comment, just read other's post and pray. I am so thrilled that Miss Bentley is doing well!! God is AMAZING!! I also wanted to share with you this heart camp our family attended this year, the website is A mom, here in California started this camp, I think, 10 years ago. It is so wonderful!! Sorry my comment is so long... I should of emailed! You have a beautiful family! Take care!!

  3. You are so sweet, Crystal. I always knew that Bentley would be just fine and that her story would be a testimony to God's healing and the power of faith and prayer. I think it is so awesome that you will be able to help others going through the same thing!

  4. You are so sweet, darling. God bless you!


  5. I think just being able to relay information for all of the new heart Mommy and Daddy's will help more than you know. You are awesome to give back!! Just thought I would let you know. Hope you have a good weekend.

  6. Crystal,
    I tried clicking on the 'Our happenings' buttons, and they aren't working. I just thought that you should know about it.

  7. What a ministry to be able to help others that are going through the same thing. That is awesome.

  8. Very nice write up! I can relate and hope people can turn to you.

  9. Hey there-

    I have been checked in on you and Bentley from time to time. She is just precious and you're right- it is comforting to have other mommies know what it's like having a heart baby. I know I spent hours reading and reading before I had Mia. I emailed every transplant mom I knew of, and still do today if I have questions. The support is wonderful! How sweet of you to reach out to other moms!

    I am so happy she is doing so well!! Her little smile is priceless.

  10. Crystal -

    I thought this post was amazing. I was diagnosed with a heart defect at 2mos & had my first open-heart at age 2. I know I've left messages on here before, but from reading your posts prior to Bentley's open-heart made me think of what my parents could have possibly felt and acted like before my surgery so long ago.

    I'm now pushing 25 and about to have a Thymectomy, which has scared everyone in my family. It's similar to open-heart, but more dangerous because the thymus gland sits directly on top of the heart/major blood vessels/nerves.

    If you have any questions or just want to talk you can reach me at I've had a full life with CHD and can only see my future getting brighter. :-)


  11. What a sweet family you have and what an awesome ministry.

  12. What amazes me is that no matter how different each child's heart condition is... each parent feels so connected. Heart parents are all joined together by a special connection... maybe its because our kids issues are in such a major organ and require such a huge ordeal to fix them... who knows... I know for sure that I am glad to have met you !! :)


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