Thursday, July 23, 2009


Tonight at track practice there was a little surprise.. really a big one.. Jeremy Wariner. Jeremy Wariner was in the Olympics and won 4 Olympic medals... 3 gold and 1 silver. He is the third fastest competitor in the history of the 400 m. He is a Texan and from Arlington, I believe. He trains here in our town. I do not go to track practices because it is usually so hot. However, if I would have known he was going to be there.. I would have totally made an exception. But we had no idea, so here are the 4 pictures Ryan took with his phone. It's all I have. Ok, so I really didn't know of him before now.. but now that I do know of him and his accomplishments, I am amazed. And Bryson is in awe that he was able to meet him, therefore mommy is in awe and wants an overload of pictures. And he totally had a $120,000 in the parking lot. I would have also liked to get a picture of that. I know I know, I'm crazy. But it's not every day that you see a $120,000 car where we live. From what Ryan told me, he is very nice and talked to all the boys that will be running in the State track meet. He even let the boys ask questions... one of the boys asked when he started running.. and his answer was "16"! That was a shock considering he won his first Olympic medal at age 20. WOW!!!

above: Jeremy Wariner talking to the boys

above: Bryson on the far left in the bleachers, Reggie Witherspoon in the red shirt, and Jeremy Wariner in the white shirt. Now just a little info on Reggie Witherspoon (in the red shirt), he also ran and won a gold medal in the Olympics. He is actually one of Bryson's coaches. He has told Bryson time and time again that he is awesome and has lots of potential to run in college. Of course Bryson is giddy over that.

above: Bryson in the stands on the left, the 8-14 year olds that will be running in the state track meet, Reggie Witherspoon, and a few other coaches that run track in a big college in our town.

And here is everyone again. So they are not the best of pictures.. I would liked to have gotten one of Jeremy Wariner facing the camera (ha!) but this will have to do. Maybe he will be at the state track meet? Not sure, but I will sure have my camera ready and hopefully I can get a shot of Bryson with him. Needless to say, Bryson was thrilled. Since he is so into sports he is so into these men that are so big and so known in each and every sport.

As far as us girls.. we have been mellow lately. The heat is horrible so we stay cooped up inside all day. Bentley has been pretty fussy the past couple of days, I am hoping it gets better. It's so hard to see her not happy.


  1. Wow!!!!!!!!!! How awesome!!!! I would have loved to have seen that car too and wouldn't it be cool if he did show back up so you could get a picture of he and Bryson together!

    Not bad pictures for a cell phone...very clear :) At least Daddy thought to actually take pictures...that's saying alot!

    Hope Bentley cheers up soon!

  2. What a wonderful surprise! That is so cool. Bryson will probably remember the day forever! Hope Bentley is feeling better soon.

  3. That is so neat! I know you must be so proud of Bryson and excited for his future! Maybe one day I'll see him on TV and I can say, I know him! :)

  4. That is so cool! I am sure he was so excited! Listening to jeremy speak will inspire Bryson to keep up with running. That is so neat. That car price is ridiculous!

  5. How cool is that! What a great opportunity!!

  6. What a cool experience for Bryson!



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