Friday, July 10, 2009


Bentley originally had her cardiology appointment this morning but it has been changed to July 31. I'm a little bummed because I am anxious to see how she is doing. She appears to be doing wonderful, I just want to know more on a medical stand how she is. But her cardiologist did not want to see her originally until after July 20 anyway, so I guess it works out.

This evening we have Bryson's regional track meet. This will possibly be our last track meet. Tonight 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place of each event will advance to the state track meet. Last year (his first year in track) Bryson missed state by TWO seconds!! That's right he won 4th place by two tiny seconds. We couldn't have been more proud of him! He did so amazing. You may or may not have a clue what I am talking about but I just want to post it so we can look back and know exactly what he did and when. In the regional meet.. you can only do 3 events. Bryson will be doing the 50M run, the 200M run, and the 400M relay. He and his team normally place in the top 4 but many more teams attend regional. So he will be challenged, and boy does he love a challenge. I envy his strength. He is definitely a go getter.. wish I was more like that! I will post later solely on Bryson and sports. He is one gifted child. If he does place in the top 3, state will be in 2 weeks about 4-5 hours away.

What's Brenna up to? She will be cheering her big brother on tonight. She really does not care for the heat (unless she is playing).. so she normally stays with Bentley at one of the grandparents house. But since it will be a decent temperature and a little cooler than normal she will be with us.

Loved all your comments about the video in the last post. I'm glad that some of you (other Texans) think we sound totally normal. ha! I have heard from a lot of new followers lately and people that have have been following but just starting to comment. I have really enjoyed hearing from you and reading your blogs to get to know you more. I enjoy it, so don't be shy!

Speaking of.. has anyone had any problems viewing some blogs lately? A lot of blogs I go to, there is some type of error and I cannot see anything. In fact, I couldn't even see my own blog for about a week but it's working for me now. Must be a glitch in Blogger, I'm not sure. So if you haven't heard back from me, chances are.. I couldn't see your blog.

Oh, and I have had some request for a new blog button. I have added this to the right side of my blog if you would like. Bentley's prayer button is still up, I know some of you have recently stressed you wanted to keep it. Have I told you how grateful we are for all those times you have prayed for Bentley? If you haven't read it in an older post, just know that tears begin to flow just thinking about it! In Brenna's words, we are "infinity" grateful!!!

Well, we have to get ready for tonight, I will update later!!


  1. that has to be the cutest picture of Bentley at the top when I clicked on your page just now!! I just love that face!

    Good luck with the track meet, hope he does well! Stay cool :)

  2. I've been having trouble seeing blogs too. Does anyone know what the deal is?? I thought it was because my darling husband updated my computer to the latest version of IE, but I think that it is more than that.

    Good Luck at the track met!

  3. Good Luck at the track meet Bryson!!!

    I loved the video of Bentley. I always say I need to take more video.

    I've been getting the same error. It only happens in Internet Explorer, so I switch over to firefox for those blogs and it works fine. It's probably got something to do with the new IE 8 and Blogger.

    Love the new blog look!

  4. Ooh! I love the button with the stitched up heart....that's awesome! Hope you have fun at the track meet.....Go Bryson!!!

  5. I've had trouble viewing Kelly's blog. It happened before and then just went away after a few days. Oh, I don't think you have a strong accent either. I mean, you can tell you're not from the north, but it's not terribly southern either ;)

  6. I have had trouble seeing other blogs too. It comes and goes, I believe! Also-the prayer button on my blog will stay.

  7. Can wait to see how he does...and Iam and Okie lol


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