Saturday, July 11, 2009

STATE... HERE WE COME (video)!!!

That's right! We will be headed to the state track meet soon! Bryson did absolutely amazing. He broke all his records and ran faster than he has ever before. We had such a beautiful time!

Bryson with his 1st place medal!!! And 4th and 6th place ribbon!!! He is so happy!!!

Above, he is getting ready to run the 50M run. Just look at him so perfectly ready.. he makes me smile so big, he is so filled with determination.

(oh and if you are not familiar with track and wondering why he is leaning over.. this is what runners do when they are near the finish line to get a quicker time. They do this in college and Olympics.. so funny how the young kids are catching on.)

Finishing the 50M run.. he got 1st place in his heat, but there were two other heats that ran and bumped him to 4th place beacause of time. And let me just tell you.. 3rd place had a time of 8.75 and Bryson had a time of 8.81. Bless his heart, it couldn't have been much closer than that. Remember top 3 go to state. He was heart broken when he found this out he broke out in tears. My heart hurt for him. But I could help to be so thrilled because he did so amazing. Our whole family was there cheering him on. My sister and I both cried when we saw the above. As he crossed over the finish line we were so happy and proud he did so well the tears started coming. I told Bryson about my tearful moment and he just looked at me like I was crazy! ha! I said "Bryson, they are happy tears! Have you ever cried because you were so happy?" and he just looked and me and told me "No, I don't think I will either." That's a boy for ya!

Next up was the 400M relay. They got 1st place and will be going to state to run.. YEAH!! How exciting. He is thrilled!! Here is a video clip I have of him running it. He is the third person to run.. so he runs the second curve. What you see in the video is the second boy passing him the baton.. then Bryson runs the curve. Bryson is wearing the red/white/black.

Please ignore the cheering! Bryson is going to kill me, he told me to mute the sounds because it was embarrasing. ha.. again.. typical boy!!

And finally Bryson ran the 200M run. He got 2nd place in his heat, and 6th place over all. We could not be more proud. He did so great!! Again, the times were super close. The difference in time between 3rd and 6th place was again LESS than .10 of a second. WOW!

He had a great time and we had a great time. I am so proud of my baby boy!! He amazes me more and more every day. It is defintely hard to keep up with him and all his goals, he defintely keeps us on our toes. But if it puts a smile on his face, we are right there supporting his every move. He loves sports and to see him put so much heart into this, it just shows me how much he is going to strive to reach other goals of his in life.. and THAT is what makes me smile more than anything. It is not about winning and moving on to state. It's about trying and giving all you have. That is the reason I cried when he got first place in his heat but fourth place overall in the 50M run. No he did not make the top 3 and no he will not be running that in state.. but he gave it all he had.. he pushed.. he tried.. and he broke his own record. He is driven... I know he can and will accomplish anything he wants in life. I love this boy!!!

And here is Brenna watching her big brother from the shade. She does like sports, but she is not into track (I think because it's in the hot summer). We asked her if she wants to run next year.. and she told us "I don't think so, I will melt!" ha!! Gotta love her!!


  1. Bryson, you're AMAZING!! I had no idea little guys could run that fast!! I'm speechless. WOW. Congrats on beating your time and getting first place on the 400m.

  2. Crystal,
    No wonder you had tears in your eyes! Bryson did AWESOME. That is so sweet. Keep us posted on State. I love the picture of Brenna with the umbrella. Keep Bryson rested so he can do well at State!
    Good luck

  3. OH MY GOSH...good job, Bryson! That is AMAZING! Good luck at state!

  4. Yeah Bryson!!! And you totally got tears in my eyes with the whole 3rd place 4th place thing but holy moly what an awesome time!!!

    Great job Bryson!!!

  5. rock! Congratulations!

  6. Yay Bryson! Way to go!!!!
    I was getting tears in my eyes just hearing about how proud you are of him. That's what makes the difference in kid's lives....when they have someone who is just SO proud of them no matter what. (even if they get embarrassed about it LOL!) That's just so awesome! I'm glad you had such a great time :)

  7. He did so good!!!! He amazes me of how driven he always is, that is so wonderful!!!! Way to go Bryson!!!

  8. How exciting! That is just awsome!

  9. Wow! That is so awesome. I am in amazement at how good he did. Thank you for posting the video. That was so cool.

  10. Yaya!!! Congratulations Bryson! And great job Brenna for being so supportive!

  11. Way to go buddy. Great job. I can't wait to see what you can do at State.

  12. Congratulations! I know you and your family are so proud of him.
    Blessings today and always,
    Matthew 21:22

  13. I just found your blog and started chuckling when I read Bryson's name. Let me explain - we have four sons, all of their names start with aa B - two of them are Byron and Benson, thus sometimes when calling out a name, and attempting to 'fudge it', Bryson got called ... ;-p According to "the boys", Bryson was responsible for a heck of a lot of stuff ...


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