Monday, July 13, 2009


Doing the blog hop!!

Three things you did not know about me:

1. 6 years ago I worked in cardiology at our local hospital.. never would I have imagined I would be blessed with a heart baby. That is also where I got Brenna's name from. We hardly ever worked with children because they are sent to children's hospitals.. but one little girl that came through had the name Brenna. I fell in love. So Brenna is named after another sweet heart child. Pretty ironic. In addition.. because there were hardly any children that came through, I was CLUELESS about babies and heart defect.. so when Bentley arrived and we were told about her heart, I knew nothing at all... it was very new to me and completely different than anything I had ever worked with.

2. Not that this is specifically about me, but I find it very neat. Bryson was born on the 19th of one month, Brenna was born on the 19th of another month, and Bentley.. I like to think she was suppose to have been a 3rd 19th day of the month baby. She was born on the 20th of another month.. but my water broke on the 19th and the hospital sent me home (the test came up negative so they did not think my water broke). I went in first thing in the morning they confirmed my water did break the night before and they should have kept me.. and if they did they would have pushed the labor because there were some small things going on with Bentley. So medically she should have been born on the 19th and I would have 3 19th babies. BUT God had other plans, and they couldn't have been more perfect. Miss Bentley was born on August 20th and will be having her 1st birthday very soon. tear!!!

3. Growing up I always wanted to move a way and work with dolphins. Ha! so typical right. Who would have ever thought this small town girl.. would marry her high school sweetheart and be blessed with 3 amazing children, and become a stay at home mom. I couldn't imagine it being any different right now! God is good and I am so in love with my life.

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  1. Crystal,

    Those were great! I love that you used to work with heart babies. God totally knew. That gave me goose bumps reading.

  2. Fact number two is really neat! Interesting how things in life work out. I like to think that Bentley is a 20th baby because she brings that ONE extra special factor into the family...her big, infectuous smile, the was she shaped your faith in God, strengthened your support towards each other, the new frienships you've formed, and the list goes on.

  3. Wow how amazing that you used to work in cardiology and that's where you found the name. What a story!

  4. what a great story on how your named your baby! :) & i love dolphins too!!

  5. I loved reading those neat facts about you! Isn't it so funny how everything works out?!

  6. Great list...loved reading it. I love dolphins too and whales, actually anything in the ocean. On my post this week I have a pic of a beached whale that I sad...poor whale! Happy hopping.

    Many Blessings,

  7. With a sick baby of my own, my heart goes out to you, and now I have to follow your story :)

  8. I love reading stuff like this. It's always fun to learn more details behind the stories and names.


  9. Just hopping by to say Hi and visit your list!

  10. Hoppin in to say hi!

  11. Nice post! GA is also my biggest earning. However, it’s not a much.



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