Thursday, August 27, 2009


We started a new school year this week. Bryson is in 3rd grade and Brenna in Kinder. Yes, my baby girl (one of them) started school this year. She has always stayed home with me so this was tough. Which it's never easy for your child to start Kinder anyway, I had just as hard of a time with Bryson. But that fact that she is absolutely LOVING it, helps me a lot! I don't think she could enjoy school any more. Bryson is enjoying it as well. So far he has always enjoyed going to school and this just seems to be another year for him, not much change. Thankfully, he has a good friend in his class.. that is always nice.

She loves pictures!

He does not! Well, he does... just not on the first day of school.

Bryson's football team has been practicing for a few weeks and games will start in a couple of weeks. Brenna starts soccer games this weekend. We have been overloaded with preparing for school, getting back in the routine for school, and sports. Bentley and I have not did much lately, just playing while the other kids are at school. She has also been pretty fussy, I think she misses her brother and sister. Now that we are finally getting use to our new schedule... and the kids are back in school. I think I will have much more time to get back to my blogging. I do miss it. So hopefully on Monday I will be back in the swing of things. I also plan on changing a few things.. and adding something that will be near to my heart and fun at the same time.

I also want to share this blog with you. If you have just a minute, please pray for this child. Ryan is a sweet baby boy that had heart surgery today and he has a very rare condition. Please send this family prayers. I know they helped me, lets help this family... I could not imagine going through what this family is. Click here to see there blog.

I know I know.. I still need to share Bentley's birthday pictures with you and they are coming, I promise. I also have another post of pictures I wanted to share. Once I add those, I will be caught up! And post about new things.


  1. Yay for back to school! Brenna looks so excited! :-)


  2. I love first day of school pictures they are so neat with the cute hair dos and the cool new clothes. HOpe they have a great year. Can't wait to see the birthday pictures.

  3. Girl, your kids are GORGEOUS! I love both of the pix, but that one of Bryson cracks me up because that is SO Kole!! Our children are a lot alike (personality wise and gender order too!) ;) Alexie going to Kindergarten this year was HUGE for me too (she was my baby for SO long and also had many health issues early on, so I baby'd her for so long!!) and it turns out she LOVES Kindergarten too, so it makes it much easier on Mama! Anyhoo, I continue to pray for your precious fam! LOVE & HUGS!!

  4. They look so cute! I'm glad they are liking school. Mine started this week too and they are in 1st and 4th. It seems like Summer went by so fast that it didn't really seem like a new school year. It seemed like they were just out for a short vacation or something, so it hasn't been too hard to get back into our routine over here. I bet you'll enjoy your one-on-one time with Bentley. I know I do with Lily. Have a great weekend!

  5. Too cute. My baby started school this year also. Pre-K but still it was so emotional taking her to the big school. She really does like it, but the beginning of this week she said she didn't want to go to school. It already started at the age of 4!

  6. I'm so glad that Brenna is enjoying school!!!! You're right it makes it so much easier when we know they're happy. Jacob's first day was miserable for me...for the entire first week everytime I saw his picture I would tear up..although he is having a great time and it makes me feel alittle better.

    I love Brysons picture...he doesn't look like he's a morning person :)


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