Friday, August 28, 2009


A few random things...

- Bentley went to her 1 year well check up last week (everything looks great), she weighs 17.9 pounds and she is 28 inches. We were given the okay to start whole milk... so we used the rest of our formula up and switched over a couple of days ago. As many of you moms know.. this is so much easier said than done. Whole milk is so different than formula.. and it is hard on their little bodies. I want to know how you have made the transition. I know everyone has their own ways and there is no wrong or right way to do it, so I would love to hear yours and what works for you and your child.

- When I went school clothes shopping this year for Brenna, I found so many cute things that I just love on her. Well.. the day before school (yes, just 1 day before school started) they informed us parents the kids can only wear tennis shoes for safety. No flip flops, sandals, or dress shoes of any kind. Because I did not know this when I went school clothes shopping there are a few things that I have that are not going to work for Brenna this school year. So they are pretty much a waste to have and she will never get to wear these things. Now, because I am not the most organized person... I lost my receipts. Oh yes, I did. I had them ALL together, just in case anything needed to be returned/exchanged and of course.. I don't lose one.. I lose them all. So now, I cannot return these things that will never be worn. I have decided to list them on ebay. My loss is your gain. I should have them up one day next week. They are size 6 in girls and new with tags. Or if you are really interested email me and I will send you pictures and not go through the trouble of listing them.

- Before school I went through all the kids clothes. Out with the old and in with the new. I also went through Bentley's clothes so I have a trash bag full of her clothes that no longer fit. I will also be listing these on ebay. Or if you are interested email me and I can send you pictures and again not go through the trouble of listing them. I will need to go through them to be exact on the sizes but they are anywhere from birth - 6 months (I think).

- Also, I have received a few emails for prayer request. I love to pray for you and your family like you have ours. Don't be shy, have a question.. prayer request.. anything.. email!

So if you have a minute let me know what works for you with the whole milk!!


  1. We did 75% formula with 25% milk, then 50/50 then 25/75 and then just straight milk. I did it over just a day or two, and Maddie (my stubborn heart baby) did really well with it, so did my heart healthy girl. :)

    Hope it helps!

  2. most stores will let you take things back new with tags without a receipt and just give you store credit. Try that!

    Odd they can only wear tennis my kids schools they can't wear flip flops but can wear sandals and crocs..etc.

    For the milk thing....while I still had some formula left..actually I think I did it with the entire last can...I started very slow...the first 3 or 4 days I did for example 8 ounces formula one ounce milk. then I'd go down from there an ounce at a time. before we knew it we were down to all milk. it wasn't bad at all though I still have to warm allie's whole milk up alittle because she won't take it in a bottle cold. Milk also causes constipation so be ready for some miralax if that happens. I have to give it to allie and caleb both every other day.

  3. We did part formula part milk and worked our way up to full milk within about a week. I hope this makes the transition a little easier on her!

  4. So glad Bentley is doing well! I will enjoy getting to know all ya'll better.

    I've had open heart surgery too, and I love to follow families of heart babies.

    Also - welcome to the BlogFrog! :))

    ~Brenda (fellow BlogFrog Comm. Leader)

  5. I don't have any ideas on the whole milk, but I wanted to welcome you to the Blog Frog!

    I love your blog - and will catch up too.

  6. That is crazy about the shoes. I am always losing my receipts. ARRR. It has been so long I can't remember what I did to transition from formula to milk..can you mix them?

  7. We started at 11 months doing 2 oz milk with 6 oz formula, then each week subbed out 2 more ozs. It worked like a charm because we ran out of formula on her birthday. We sorta got rid of the sippy along with the formula, but I think that was more luck. She suddenly loved the sippy, but she kept that last evening bottle for another 2 months. Again, I think that was more MY issue than hers. LOL!

    That's crazy about the shoes!

  8. Wish I could tell you what worked for us but we still do elemental formula in Ky's g tube. That stinks about the school clothes!!! Sounds like something our school system would do. We didn't even get our class specific supply list until ONE day before school... literally. Stunk. Hopefully you will make back some money from selling them! :)

  9. Totally take the clothes back for store credit, it'll be time for winter clothes before you know it!

    Owen LOVES whole milk.. all two sips that he'll drink. :) Kamryn wouldn't drink anything but Soy Milk because it was sweet. You could always add chocolate to it and see if she likes it. OR, you can mix it with the formula and start diluting the formula with it until it's strictly whole milk.

    We still buy formula for Mister Owen, and pediasure... it's getting $$. At least whole milk is much cheaper!!

  10. I wish I had some advice on the milk! Our transition went wonderfully, so I have no pointers :(

    On the school front, my little girl {who is 6 too!} can wear any shoes as long as they have tennis shoes for gym. That really stinks for you! My little one would be so sad!

  11. My kids were drinking about 8 ounces of formula and I switched by doing 2 ounces milk, 6 ounces formula every feeding for 7 days, then 4 ounces milk, 4 ounces formula for 5 days, then 6 ounces milk 2 ounces formula for 4-5 days depending on if I was running out of formula in the can. Then on week-ish 3 they were on cows milk but if that hurt them some I added 1 ounce water, 7 ounces milk to make it not so thick to finish out the month....and then tried regular milk again at 1 month


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