Friday, October 30, 2009

Q & A

Q: Where did you get Bentley's name?

A: Since we already have two B names (Bryson and Brenna) we had to go with another B... wow we were not thinking ahead of time when we did that. It was very hard coming up with the 3rd. For the first few months Bentley was going to be a Baylee. I like the name Baylee don't get me wrong, but it just never felt right, you know? Bentley came to mind several times.. and I liked everytime.. it was just so different so it was a very hard decision to make. I guess because Bentley is a car.. I DID NOT name my child after a car. . I mean really I am a small town Texas girl... the words Bentley and car do not even go in the same sentance here... it's more like Deirks Bentley, ha!! You know the country singer. We did not name her after him either.. but my point is Bentley IS a name too. So it was a tough one to decide... but it's what we wanted, we couldn't worry about what other people might think. We planned on going with Bentley for the last few months but never told anyone until her birth day. The birth certificate lady come in the room day 1, but we asked her to come back later because we weren't sure on her middle name. She was going to be Bentley Madison or Bentley Reese... Bentley Reese won and we couldn't be happier with our decision. It's so perfect!!! We never had a problem with Bryson and Brenna first or middle name... they were both named about 5 or 6 months along.

Q: How did you meet your husband?

A: Ryan and I met in high school. He is a couple years older than me and he was friends with my older sister and her boyfriend.. so we crossed paths. We became great friends.. shortly after we had Biology together and sat beside each other. We wrote notes to each other in a sprial everyday during class and passed it back and forth. ha!! We were not into each other, just great great friends. In fact, I would talk to him about boys that I liked, etc. and even asked him to introduce me to a friend of his. Needless to say, he never introduced me to him.. we fell in love and the rest was history. He is from Kansas, he moved here when he was a sophomore because of his dad's work. So all his side of the family is there. It was either here or another location and our itty bitty town was it. So we like to think we were "meant to be".

Q: What are your hobbies?

A: Lets see. I love anything that has to do with water. Love going to the beach, lake, camping, skiing, tubing, jet skiis, and anything else that has to do with water. I love crafts.. so anything artsy. Watching my kids play sports.. it's just so beautiful here (usually) there is no feeling like sitting outside watching my children play and have fun doing what they love!!!

Q: How do you manage to find time to workout with 3 busy kids?

A: 1 word - husband!! Ryan helps me so much, gosh I love him!!! I don't go on my bike rides until about 8pm, so it is the end of their night. Ryan helps with baths, dinner, homework, EVERYTHING so we can finish in a timely manner and have all kids in bed at their bed times. The second they hit the bed, I am out the door. But I have to admit, I have not been in a while... we have had so much rain here for a while now that it is either very wet or raining every day. I do love the rain but I can really feel the differance and I really need to start back. It is amazing how something so small and not much time out of each day help you feel.

Q: What do you think about bashing (well known) blogs?

A: I think the same about any blog no matter whos blog it is. I am 100% against blog bashing. Let's face it, no one is perfect... we are going to disagree with people sometimes.. I am sure MANY of you disagree with me on many things.. there is no way around that. I don't feel that it is nessaccary to bash blogs because you do not agree with someone or like the way they live life. Our blog is OUR spot to write freely about whatever we want, and we should not have to think twice when typing, you know? We are all human and we all have feelings... so my advice is.. if you don't like a blog.. that's fine... just don't read it.

If you have Bentley's button on your blog you will notice it has changed. I updated it along with my blog design. Also, my header is a rotating header. All 3 kids are up there. So you can keep clicking refresh until the others pop up. It is random selection so you might have to click a few times before all 3 show.


  1. Tell me about the B thing! I marrieed a Brandon and we have 3 kids, Brooklynn, Brody and Breckynn...Once you start that ball rollin' it's hard to stop!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I met my husband in high school spanish class and we were just friends for a long time too! :)

    I LOVE Brenna's picture on your header. That's so cute!! I love the whole new look!

    It was fun to read more about you too!

  3. I love the name Bentley! I had never heard of it before coming to your blog but its beautiful. Reese is one that we thought about for our daughter but Kennedi won out.

  4. Your new blog layout is awesome as usual!! I might take a little queue from you and spruce mine up when we get back to Phoenix.

    Thanks for the Q&A... it's great to learn more about you.

  5. Love the new blog layout! Love the Q&A session, I liked learning some stuff about you and your family. Have a Happy Friday and Happy Halloween!

  6. All of your kids are adorable of course, but I am IN LOVE with Brenna's headline picture!

  7. Glad your back! I love your new design and didn't even realize that the header rotated. I read your post from yesterday (I was really bad and didn't leave a commnent) and the header had Bentley's pic in it. I had to refresh several times to see the pics of your other "B's" but I finally saw all the pics! So, so cute and I have to agree with everyone else on this one...Brenna's pic is my fav!

    Hope you're doing well and it was fun reading about you and the fam!

  8. Love your name story....funny how it takes us so long to agree on names :)

  9. Love this post, and the new layout too!


  10. Oh our third B name was the hardest too!! Bently was in the running here as well! We have Braden, Berkley and Brenner.

    Love the q and a!


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