Thursday, October 29, 2009


Bentley says hello everyone and wanted to share an updated picture!! Things are good. She is doing great and we are doing great. She goes for her well checkup next month and we will be going back to Texas Children's Hospital in December for her next cardiology appointment. We will soon be finishing up football and soccer.. starting basketball. Looks like Brenna will be following her brothers footsteps.. she wants to play basketball and it will be her first year. FUN!! She is quite the athlete just like big brother. Bentley is a busy body. She refuses to sit still. I have a cute video of her walking but do not have it uploaded yet, so I will share it later. Bentley has been saying several different words for a while now. Dada, Momma, Pawpaw (<-Texas talk), Bryson, Brenna, Map, Backpack, and there are a few others. I love hearing her say Bryson and Brenna.. they are actually pretty hard words but surprisingly enough she says them pretty well. Well enough for other people to understand her.. but totally does not talk on demand, only when she wants. Sorry for being so random, just trying to update without writing a novel.

Please excuse my mess of a blog. I am changing things out again so it will be messy for the next couple of days. And if you have sent your heart baby picture, I am receiving them and will be updating those shortly as well!!! Keep em' coming!!!

I will slowly catch you up to speed in my next few post. And I did not forget about the Q&A post. I will be doing that shortly.. so until it's posted feel free to ask more questions!!


  1. Hi Ms Bentley, so good to hear from you and see you standing up like a big girl. Ill believe you are walking when your mommy post that video. LOL Just kidding baby girl I believe you. Im so proud of you.

    You are so pretty...keep up all the good work okay.

    Hugs from Morgan and Hunter in Florida

  2. Bentley is so beautiful. So happy to hear she is doing well.

  3. Sounds like someone watches Dora! :) Glad everything is going well. Bentley is beautiful!

    Shannon Carter

  4. Awww...she's getting so big! I love her new button....saw that on Veronica's blog and I told her I needed to come get it! Lily loves Dora too....we have to watch it every day. Ha! I love the look of your new awesome!

  5. LOL!!! I just realized the button automatically updated on my blog. Show's you how much I pay attention to my own blog, huh?! Ha!!!!!

  6. She's as cute as ever!!!!! I don't think your blogs a mess at all...I love the picture of Brenna at the top!

  7. So glad things are going good and everyone is healthy! Sounds like you are going to have a busy next couple of months!
    I love this time when the toddlers are learning new words-it's so cute!! Bentley is adorable! I love her leg warmers!!

  8. I LOVE her baby legs! Glad everything is well!


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