Saturday, October 17, 2009


Where has the time gone?

We have just been busy "living" (this is the word of one of my blog readers said and I love it!). That's all there is too it. I cannot tell you how many times I have felt bad for not updating recently.. then I read a super sweet email or comment from one of you expressing how happy you are to see us (Bentley) doing so well and just living life. Gosh!! You are such great people!!!

Since I have posted last so many things have gone on.. Bentley is walking, Bentley is holding her own bottle, Bryson and Brenna have both received awards in school and are doing great, and so much more!!! It is crazy to see how much my kids have grown since I have blogged last. Where does the time go?? Oh and remember the swine flu scare? Well, the swine flu hit our home.. that's right... Brenna got the swine flu last week. Bentley has not had it, nor has she shown any symptoms. Everything is okay but it was quite the scare. I will post about this next.. I just need your help with something... and it's time sensitive so I wanted to post about it first. We have decided to make our own costumes this year, just because it's more fun. So I am needing ideas... Bryson and Brenna are pretty sure they know what they want to be... but if you have ideas for them, I would love to hear. Bentley on the other hand.. I am just not sure. No ideas.. So if you have any cute or fun ideas for homemade Halloween Costumes, please comment or email and share with me. I would love to hear for all ages.. Bryson, Brenna, and Bentley.

So next post will be about the swine flu Brenna had, updated pictures of Bentley-- I bet she looks so much older since you have seen her last, and more!!!

Miss you all!!!


  1. Here is a link for a cute ladybug costume that i made for a friend's daughter who is 18 months.

  2. Oh, I've missed you too! I'm so glad all is going well!


  3. It's great to just LIVE life! Nobody expects you to update everyday.. you're a busy momma!

    I can't wait to see Miss Bentley walking!

    I'm sure it was scary when Brenna was diagnosed with Swine Flu. I am so germ phobic that I isolate Kamryn or Carson when they come down with anything. I just don't want to end up in the hospital with Owen.

    I hope Brenna gets to feeling better soon!

    Thanks for the update!

  4. Hope Brenna's feeling better and that no one else gets it!! Glad to hear from you again and I'll be looking forward to seeing new pics and I think a video of Bentley walking would be awesome too. LOL!!

  5. I always make my kids match...I know corny. A cute homemade idea is cowboy and cowgirls. My kids were that one year and it was soooooo cute. They have also been 50's girls. Pirates are cute too.
    This year mine are going as super heroes.
    Isn't it fun trying to figure it out? We love this time of year.
    Last year they were princess' & a knight.

  6. Yay! An update =)

    I'm not a Susie-Homemaker and I could never torture my boys with my trying to make a costume, but I have been reading through parenting magazines with some great ideas... Such as, Mad Scientist, Crayon Colors, Flowers in Flower Pots, etc. Go check out those magazine websites. I'm sure they have tons of ideas on there.

    Can't wait to hear more about your wonderful family and I'm so sorry the swine flu reared it's ugly face in your home. I'll be praying for you =)

  7. aww man! I hate the flu! We started getting it Wednesday, it was Owen, then Kyleigh, then Ross and I am sure Troy and I are in for it this weekend... I was SO mad at Owen's teacher for not telling me it was in the classroom! UGH... they do NOT sanitize well enough for my taste!

  8. Hi, I have traveled over from Kelly's Korner to your blog. I found a really easy no-sew tutu instructions on youtube.

    add a onesie and leggings and you've got a ballerina!

    Praying that Bentley stay healthy

  9. Glad to hear all is well. I hope that everyone is still healthy! Missed hearing what was happening in your life. Looking forward to new pics of she dating yet. hee!hee!

  10. Where have you been? I am missing you. Come back to blog world. LOL


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