Friday, December 11, 2009


Since recently jumping into the world of photography, well not quite... but beginning to learn photography, I decided to participate in today's "Fix it Friday" post @ i heart faces. This picture is so fun and exciting... just what I like!!! For "Fix it Friday", you simply take the photo they provide you with and make edits to enhance it. I had so much fun doing this!!! Here is the original...

... and there is mine!!! What fun!!! I can't wait until next week's "Fix it Friday".

You can click the button below to check out what other's did!!! Have a great night y'all!!!


  1. Wow that looks great. The colors are so vivid. Great job. What editing program are you using?

  2. WOW You did a really job job girly!! I think you have found your next talent!!

  3. what program do you use for editing. i've got photoshop elements 7 and i seriously don't have a CLUE how to use it so i haven't much. i love what you've done with this photo. excellent job!


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