Thursday, December 10, 2009


(Bentley watching the fish at Texas Childrens Hospital, she loved them!!)

We took a 1 day road trip to Bentley's cardiologist appointment yesterday. When we left the house it was 43degrees here once we got to TCH (Texas Children's Hospital) it was almost 80degrees (still in 40's at home). I'm sure everyone in Houston got a good laugh seeing us dressed in layers for winter. Other than the long drive with a super busy (almost) 16 month old and rain and fog... we had an amazing day. Bentley's cardiologist appointment was GREAT. It actually, couldn't have gone any better. We recently switched cardiologist (same office only different Dr.) and yesterday was our first time to meet him. I do not have enough positive words to express how much we like him. We are blown away with his knowledge and personality. He was great, and Bentley LOVED him. Bentley is such a social butterfly for a 15 month old. She loves people... but for our last few appointments she has given the nurses and Dr. a really hard time. She kicks and screams and puts up one big fight to get them away. But not with our new cardiologist. She was a little unsure at first but as he talked to her and played with her she really openned up to him and played with him and talked to him. Oh how I love this!! It makes the visit go a lot easier (less stress). Now the important part... she is doing GREAT, she had a wonderful report. Only good news!!! Yeahhh!!! Go Bentley!!! We couldn't be happier right now. PRAISE GOD!!! He is sooo good!!! We will go back in 6 months for another check up.

If you are wondering why we have switched doctors, there is no reason other than personal preference. We have learned that it is EXTREMELY important for the doctor and patient/parents have a great connection. It HAS to be there or there will be many more questions which means more stress during an already difficult time. Our last cardiologist was GREAT, we did love him... and he definitely knows his stuff. He's awesome. With that said, everyone is different. There has to be that connection there and it wasn't with us. I know he is perfect for so many others out there.. just not us. So after more research and a few long conversations with my sweet friend Shelli (fellow heart mom, her son also had surgery at TCH) we decided to give their cardiologist a try (same office). We instantly clicked and knew he would be the perfect one. I am by no means bashing our old cardi, he is amazing and has been so good to us, otherwise we wouldn't have went to him for as long as we have. We just needed that "connection". We will be seeing cardiologist regularly forever. It is important to find one that WE connect well with and stick with them. And I think we have found that!!!

I hope you all are enjoying your Holidays!! I can't get enough of the Christmas "feeling". It has been unusually cold here (you love it when it's hot year 'round), the Christmas music playing on the radio, Christmas movies on tv to watch with the kids, Chirstmas tree that lights up the room, Christmas parades, EVERYTHING!!!! It's just such a cozy feeling. I am looking forward to spending time with family as well!!

Hope you all are enjoying the Holidays!!!


  1. My applause to you. A connection with your medical professionals is OH SO important! I am glad that you have found someone that you connect with :) It will make all the difference in the world! After having had docs that were excellent but not right for us, I can truly say that I am less impressed with accolade and more with the connection I feel. I know that I personally have learned to trust my "gut" through the years with Kyleigh and it has never steered me wrong.

    So glad to hear that things went well!!!

  2. I am so glad Bentley's appt went great! She looks like such a little girl more baby :(
    I am having a hard time with that aspect...all well, they get older, you can't stop it! I am glad you had a great day :)

  3. Hi Crystal-I am so happy to hear about Bentley's good apt and finding a great cardi that you love.

    I gave you an award on my blog. Go check it out.

  4. Yay! for Miss Bentley!! I am so thankful that everything turned out great for her!! Thank God for TCH, they are such a blessing!
    Heart Hugs
    BTW LOOOOOOVE the new layout! I think this is my favorite so far!

  5. I'm so happy to hear that Bentley is doing well! I agree that connection with the doctor is so important-it's awesome that you found that-even if you had to switch to get there.

    Hope you guys have a Merry Christmas!!!!!! Love the layout too!

  6. I just read back thru the heart story posts. I'm so glad your daughter is doing so well. She's a cutie : )

  7. I just came across your page and read the journey God has laid out for Bentley, you and your family. Im so thankful everything went great and will pray that God continues to use his miraculous power to heal her.


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