Monday, January 25, 2010


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So Bentley was this weeks haf time entertainment during Bryson's basketball game!! (yes, she is sporting the famous baby mullet - surely the front half will catch up with the back half soon.) This year has been very different during games. Bentley is constantly on the go.. she is a social butterfly and very curious she just wants to go go go!!! Basketball games are probably the hardest because there is just no room to take her walking... therefore her favorite time has become half time. And as you see she can put on quite the show. I actually missed the best moments... this was the end when she was walking back over to us. But seriously, this girl is too much fun... the second I let her go, she ran straight to the middle of the court and was waving and dancing in front of everyone... she then proceeded to go up to the main part of the crowd waving and screaming. Oh it was so funny, I was too busy watching her, I totally missed grabing my camera. Once she was headed back and tried to catch a bit.

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Oh, and on the way back she thought she would stop by and say hi to the coach aka "daddy".

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